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Photo Gallery | PHOTOS: Critical Care for Angels in Warner Robins

Someone has to do something!  You hear that a lot when a pet without an owner is in need.  So, Regenia Brabham did.  One dog (and a cat) after another, she did.  After she took Sampson, the sweet shepherd mix that was found hit by a car and shot in Macon to Southwood Animal Hospital, donations came in from all over the world.  Over two thousand dollars was donated in less than forty-eight hours.

We saw a need for homeless animals in need of urgent care and Critical Care for Animal Angels was started. 

Follow through the pictures to see those recently helped and know that there are more all of the time.

So far, their patients have been

  • Sampson, the sweet boy that started the dream. 
  •  Andy who was found in Macon chewed up by dogs and left with a broken leg.  We were not able to save the leg, but Andy is now in his forever home living like a king. 
  • Sambo was chewed up by dogs and leg amputated but now adopted,
  • Dolly who was found shot through the leg and was very sick.  Sadly, Dolly did not survive.
  • Whiskers is the only cat that we have treated up to this point.  She was hit by a car and we had to have her jaw wired.  She has been adopted.
  • Frances was found starved and shot thru the neck.  She is currently in foster and receiving treatment for heartworm. 
  • Gretchen was poor little Yorkie that was hit by a car.  Sadly, Gretchen did not survive, but she was surrounded until the end by the loving staff at Southwood Animal Hospital.
  • Hunter was pulled from Macon Animal Control.  He had a broken leg that shattered when trying to plate it.  Hunter has lost that leg and is managing very well.  He is currently in foster and looking for a forever home.
  • Ivan is another sweet mix that was found starving with horrible leg wounds from being hobbled.  Ivan is now in his forever home and being treated for heartworm.
  • Princess was pulled from Macon Animal Control.  She is a sweet Boxer that was starved when she was picked up.  She is now adopted.
  • Angel is a small pup that was pulled from Macon Animal Control.  She was both starving, and had been bitten by another dog.  Now that she is better from the wounds and weaned from the bottle, she is ready to be adopted.

They have a new patient arriving today.  Tyler has been hit by a car and has a broken hip and is heartworm positive.  She will have more info on him and will publish that information on the Critical Care for Angel's Facebook Page.  Stop By, say hi.... help, donate, foster........ adopt.

The staff at Southwood Animal often stay very late and come in on weekends to take care of these babies. Some of them have been taken home for extra care and therapy.  We want to stress that we want to help more but need money, fosters, and people that will adopt!  Critical Care for Angels Cannot continue without you.  We are also in need of a new vehicle.  Regenia has run her vehicle into the ground transporting these pets from Macon to the vet in Warner Robins.  She is moving here to be closer to family and the vet, but needs a low cost vehicle that is in good condition.

Anyone that is interested in adopting or fostering one of the Critical Care for Animal Angels, you can contact Regenia Brabham at 478-250-4431.  If anyone would like to donate funds to care for these babies, you may call your donation to Southwood at 478-923-0118 or send them to Southwood Animal Hospital  2523 Moody Road  Warner Robins, GA 31088   via PayPal at Southcat@work.mgacoxmail.com

The pictures of all our babies can be seen on Facebook on the Critical Care for Animal Angels Facebook page. 

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