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30 Ways to Keep Your Home Safe

30 Cheap and Effective Ways to Keep Your Home Safe

Your home is not only your biggest asset, but it’s also where you spend the most of your time. There are still many risks despite perceiving your home as the safest place to be.  When it comes to protecting your family, property and your belongings, we believe you can never be too careful.

Daylight burglary is more common than you might think due to the lack of occupancy during working/school hours. It’s important that you take precautions day and night to keep your home secure all day round. All-round security can also help prevent other disaster turns such as house fires and cyber attacks.

By incorporating some of our useful (and simple!) home safety tips your home can be even safe than it is now.

Area unemployment rates fall

Area unemployment rates fall

Central Georgia's unemployment rate continues to dip, falling from 7.8 to 7.7 percent from December to January.

The rate has declined mostly because the amount of new layoffs decreased by 41 percent, according to a release.

In January 2013, one year ago, the unemployment rate was 9.3 percent.

Chamber Honors Robins Family Housing As January Business of the Month

Chamber Honors Robins Family Housing As January Business of the Month

     WARNER ROBINS, GA- The Business of the Month Committee of the Robins Regional Chamber of Commerce presented  Huntington Village (Robins Family Housing), located at 75 MLK Blvd with the January Business of the Month (BOM) Award.  The presentation was sponsored by Ambassador Personnel.

After having an issue with a wild pest in her home, a resident of Robins Family Housing explained why she though the company was deserving of the award.


“I reside in one of the older homes on base and from time to time we may have a few problems that will occur like any housing community,” she said.  “Recently, my son found a snake in the kitchen that went under the refrigerator.”


The resident said that her husband and sons removed the snake without any harm and the next day she immediately contacted Robins Housing and informed them of what they had found.


How to Get 50 Percent Off Lawn Maintenance for a Month

How to Get 50 Percent Off Lawn Maintenance for a Month

Get 50 percent off one month of lawn maintenance in Gray, Macon or Warner Robins when you purchase 13WMAZ's DealChicken.

How to Write for 13WMAZ's Where You Live

How to Write for 13WMAZ's Where You Live

Where You Live is WMAZ's hyperlocal feature. This means that we are helping bring you more community-specific news more often.

We have websites for these communities:

Dooly-Macon County
Warner Robins
obins AFB

These community websites are a place for you and your community members to share information.

To join our team and share with folks just like yourself, all you have to do is email us your email address and name whereyoulive@13wmaz.com

From there, we set up an account for you. This account lets you log in to your community site and post photo galleries, concerts, community events, 100th birthday parties, your concerns, latest creative projects, how-to advice and anything else you want people in your area to know.

Once you have an account, here are some examples of how you can stay involved Where You Live:

(These are just ideas to get you started. Feel free to come up with your own blog ideas!)

  • Post about your hobby: 
    Music reviews 
    Movie reviews 
    Local fashion


  • Are you that person who always takes photos at the high school's football games or at community festivals?  You can log in with your new account and create a gallery to show off your photos on our site.
  • Have a story idea that may need a reporter in our newsroom? Send us a news tip by emailing eyewitnessnews@13wmaz.com
  • Where You Live is your space for public conversation.  Feel free to comment on others' articles. New ideas can crop up just from simple conversations with others.
  • See something bizarre around town? Take a (cell phone) photo and post it to your community site! Maybe someone else will know the background story.
  • Add an event to our community calendar. Click "Add an Event"  on your community site's event section.
  • Like" us on Facebook to include your local news, breaking news and weather warnings and watches in your Facebook feed.
  • Follow us on Twitter for breaking news and weather updates.

Get Organized: Join the February Fling

Get Organized: Join the February Fling

Over on my Facebook page during the month of February we are having a February Fling! Each day we will purge, delete and FLING all sorts of things from our homes, offices and lives.


So get yourself a bag or box to put your items for donation in and gather some trash bags and let's start flinging!


Join us at www.facebook.com/goodlifeorganizing .





Organization | Organized to Sell

Organization | Organized to Sell

Ten Reasons To Declutter and Organize Your Home BEFORE You Put It On The Market

1.  It makes a great first impression on the buyer. Usually that’s all you get.

2.  Clutter makes buyers think that the home will need a lot of work.

3.  “White” space in closets and drawers as well as on kitchen counters has great appeal.

4.  Your treasures may be distracting to buyers. Packing away collections can make your space more attractive.

5.  Buyers want to create their own memories in the home. Removing family photos and memorabilia gives the buyers a clean slate.

6.  By getting rid of the “noise” in the home you can highlight the house’s strong points.

7.  When you clear out excess accessories and furniture, you allow buyers to mentally “move in.”

8.  Decluttering and cleaning your home can lead to a more than 400% return on your investment according to Homegain.com.

9.  There are fewer things for you to clean and maintain while your house in on the market.

10.  You will save time and money by not having to pack, move and unpack unneeded items.

When in doubt, be ruthless with your decluttering. It will pay off in the end!