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How 20 Pounds Changed My Life - In an Instant! | Community Spirit

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How 20 Pounds Changed My Life - In an Instant!
How 20 Pounds Changed My Life - In an Instant!

This weekend was a typically busy one. House cleaning, events, kids’ birthday parties, a new dog…  Wait, a new dog! That’s not typical, nor was it very planned.  That is so not my style!

With some time to kill while the kids were at a birthday party, my husband suggested we stroll through PetSmart. After appropriately bantering about the birds and rodents, we ended up at the adoption area. We loved on the kittens and then made our way to the dogs where the biggest pair of brown eyes looked up at me and said “Mommy, take me home!”

Now I am usually a sap when it comes to kittens and puppies but I generally can walk away. But this time was different. So to make a long story short, we came home with Joie, a 4-month-old black lab mix with the sweetest disposition and, of course, the sweetest pair of eyes around!

But now reality is setting in. It’s been a long time since we’ve had a puppy and I forgot how much work they are. The trips outside to sniff every scent in the yard before doing her business, the food preparation, the long scratches behind the ears -  all things that now need to be placed into my family’s already packed schedule.

So how can we make this 20-pound ball of fluff a part of our family with the minimum disruption? Firstly, I have to stop trying to do “one more thing” before I take her out. That ends up costing me more time because I have to clean the rug from her little “oops.” Secondly, every member of our household has to take responsibility for her and share the chores (Mom cannot nor will not do it all!).  Thirdly, I need to budget longer time for getting ready and out the door in the morning.

A new family member whether it be human or canine or feline requires attention, time and energy.  A few adjustments to your schedule go a long way to making the transition easier.  Check back with me in a week and I’ll let you know how it’s going!



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