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Regi Polk
Community Writer

     I retired from the US Navy in 1995 as a RMC (Radioman Chief) and I am now a semi-retired Skin Care Specialist. Twice a week  I work editing pictures and creating videos to upload lost pets to Petfinder.com when they become available from Warner Robins Animal Control. 

     I am married to a wonderful man and we have two loving boys living with us - Micky and Mr. BoJangles.  I study temperment issues with dogs and work with our rescue Mr. Bo to help him adjust to his home with a loving family.  That in itself is an additional full time job for both my husband and me.

    I  also assist Mrs. Hulda Cook, the President of the Heart of Georgia Developmental Disabilities Ministries with anything she might need done in that much needed ministry.  As you can seen, I'm drawn to the innocent.  Children of all ages that need extra help and pets that find their way lost for not valid reason.

    I am very creative, and have my hand in many crafts - my problem is finshing one project before I start another.  No resolutions to change, I've been this way for a long time.