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Michelle Rhoades- Mossy Creek Soap Studio
Adventures In Soapmaking

My name is Michelle Rhoades, I am a certified soapmaker with the Handcrafted Soapmakers Guild. Currently I teach in my own studio in Warner Robins, in the Mossy Creek Soap Studio.  My studio is decorated with "fun" in mind~ I needed a creative space besides the kitchen in my home.  When I out-grew my kitchen and my family grew tried of being surrounded by soap all the time, I knew it was then I needed to find another place to create. That's when I started teaching others how to make soap. 

My husband Dan and I started soap making together when a direct selling company that I really loved when out of the direct selling business. Instead of starting all over with another company with a new product and I started making my own. Which means I have complete control over what goes into my soap. I love to cook and I thought well... soap making cannot be that much different? Right? It's true.. there is something so amazing creating, designing and formulating soap. I get all the oils together. Some of which provide good moisture, good lather and that produce a good long lasting bar. Put them into a big pot add a little lye water and mix. Then I get to experience that fascinating transformation from oils to soap! It's so addicting.. I cannot wait to make my next great new recipe. I cannot wait to see what neat color combination's I can come up with and how the swirls will look in the end.? The hardest part is waiting until I can cut the bars.

You ask.."What's so special about homemade soap?".  Well the answer is short... It's plainly better for you with out all the fillers of commerical soap.  My soap is made with Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, Lye and water.  Basically thats it! You can add fragrance, you can also add color..but it's in the simplicity of the recipe that keeps most people coming back for more.  I do believe most people do not know that their favorite beauty bar is not really soap?  It's a detergent.. similar to the one you wash your dishes and clothes with.  Allthough it may be mild and filled with lotion...it's not SOAP.  Soap must be made with Lye in order to be called soap.