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Vote: Your Farmers Market as America's Favorite

Make sure to vote in America’s Favorite Farmers Markets contest and let the world know why you love your local market. 

1. Once you click the link, search for your town or zip code in the box. 

2. When you see your farmers market, click on the farmers market name.

3. Submit the information, with a short description of why your farmers market is great to finish your vote!

Why do we offer wedding favors at weddings?

Why do we offer wedding favors at weddings?

The Wedding favor tradition goes back to the Europeans as it was a symbol of wealth and royalty. The very first wedding favor was called a bonbonniere. Which is a small box made out of precious stones, porcelain or Crystal that was filled with sugar cubes. At the time it was not only given out at weddings but in all important ceremonies. These trinket boxes were given as a way to bestow their good luck on their guests. Then once sugar became affordable we started offering Jordan Almonds which are candied almonds~ They symbolized fertility, longevity, wealth, health and happiness.

A Wedding Favor should be made to look special like they were prepared just for you and not out of a box. They don't have to be expensive, just a token from your special day. Most people especially family members love to keep a keepsake from your special day.

Nominate Your Town as of the Best of the Road

USA Today and Rand McNally are holding a “Best of the Road” rally.

Be sure to vote for your town! If your town isn't listed, you can nominate and post photos!



Making Cold Processed Soap Part 2

Making Cold Processed Soap Part 2

In this segment Dan is measuring the oils to get ready to mix in the Lye for SOAPMAKING.  If you would like to learn more check out our next class on saturday May 7 at 10 a.m. in the Mossy Creek Soap Studio!  http://mossycreeksoap.com/item_217/Cold-Processed-Soapmaking-Classes.htm

Stay tuned tomorrow for Part 3!  And if you haven't seen part one you can see it here..  http://warnerrobins.13wmaz.com/news/arts-culture/making-cold-processed-lye-soap/50633

Or if you you haven't purchased anything for Mom yet.... I am so sure she'll love something special from the Soap Basket Collection below!  Call us or shop online... We just opened a new store at ETSY.  Check is out here  www.mossycreeksoaps.etsy.com

Ya'll Stop By And Sit A Spell

Ya'll Stop By And Sit A Spell

This weekend I made a stop in Old Downtown Byron, Georgia. Who ever said Byron was a sleepy little town was wrong...Check out this very cool Deli..right in the heart of downtown. 

Sara Jo McLean, (Warner Robins, Georgia) owns this deli, they opened their doors in December 2010.  Speaking with Sara's daughter, I've come to find out that she was a former military wife like myself. It seems that giving half the chance we can take a little bit from everywhere we've been and then bring it back home to make something special like the "Drugstore Deli". 

Sara has stayed true to the name as well.  She tried out another name in the beginning but everyone kept calling it the drugstore deli. It's kinda hard to change anybody's mind here in the South. Especially when we associate it with directions and certain childhood memories. So the next time you're in middle Georgia or want a change of scenery, go have lunch in Byron at the Drugstore Deli.

Meetup for Earth Day!

Earth Day is this Friday.

Are you doing anything to commemorate the day? 

When you Google Earth Day, this comes up. The Natural Conservancy tells you what five things you can do for the Earth right now. [You don't even need a shovel!]

This year, you can have a "picnic for the planet" by meeting up withpeople in your community.

Organic… What does it really mean?

Organic… What does it really mean?

The term “Organic” has been used loosely in recent years, so I thought I would discuss what it really means and who can use it in the cosmetics, body and bath products..  First, the term organic cannot be used the same way as “All Natural” or “Natural.”

Organic is a term which is certified by the USDA National Organic Program.

The USDA-accredited organic certifying agent must certify the company before they can use the term “organic” and use of their symbol.