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2nd Annual Paper Crafting Extravaganza

This is an expo for all the scrapbooking fiends out there!

The cropping, shopping, classes, make-n-takes, prizes and giveaways is all on Friday & Saturday, May 13 & 14.

You can find this expo at the Georgia National Fairgrounds & Agricenter in Perry.

Vendor hours are at 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and cropping hours are 9 a.m. until 11 p.m. both days.

Parking is free, pre-registration is $5 and admission at the door is $7.

Congressman Austin Scott Opens New District Office in Warner Robins

Congressman Austin Scott Opens New District Office in Warner Robins

The Robins Regional Chamber of Commerce hosted a ribbon cutting ceremony to welcome Congressman Austin Scott (GA-08) to the Robins Region on Friday, April 8.

“Warner Robins is right where we feel we need to be,” said Congressman Scott.  “This district office location puts us within 10 minutes of Robins AFB, the largest employer in our district.  From here we have direct access to the base and by the same token, we are also able to offer the businesses and families that live in this area a convenient and direct link to their Representative in Congress.”

Congressman Scott’s wife, Vivien Scott was present on behalf of her husband to offer thanks for the tremendous community support.

“We are proud to be in Warner Robins and have received a lot of support from the local community,” said Vivien Scott.  “Austin and I knew that it was a great decision to have this office here.”

WRMS Hosts Career Day

Warner Robins Middle School will host a Career Day for eighth-grade students on Tuesday, April 19. 

The event will take place on the 8th Grade Hall and in the gymnasium between 12:30 p.m. and 2:00 p.m.

That's according to a Houston County Board of Education news release.

The objective of the event is to help students get an idea of what they may want to do in the future.  Students will have the opportunity to hear a variety of speakers share information on their careers. 

Is Your Clear Soap Better For You?

Is Your Clear Soap Better For You?

At recent craft show I was asked do I carry Glycerin Soaps? And the question got me thinking about how everyone views glycerin soap.  Since I love teaching others about soap and the craft show biz~  Naturally I went into details.  My customer didn’t realize she opened Pandora’s box.  First to clarify “all handcrafted soap is Glycerin soap”, but the one she was referring to was transparent soap.  Let’s go back to the question… yes.. I carry glycerin soap and I also carry transparent soap.  You ask...what’s the difference? Let’s first define what the terms are. 

Making Cold Processed Lye Soap

Making Cold Processed Lye Soap

This is my husband Dan making a soap video for a bunch of guys on his local forum.  In this video he is showing the process of mixing lye and water together.  Please be mindful and respect the lye.  It is a caustic soda and it will burn you if not properly handled.

(In the Mossy Creek Soap Studio we teach you how to properly handle the lye) But for right now you will need a face mask, chemical gloves, eye protection and we suggest closed toed shoes as well before you ever open the container.  

If you would like to see more go to our website and check out the completed processes in making Lye Soap.

And if you're interested in learning more about making soap as a hobby or as a new business consider taking classes in our Studio at the Mossy Creek Soap Studio, located at 4501 Russell Parkway, Suite 6 in Warner Robins.  

Update: Flint Energies Power Outages

At 4:30 p.m. , there are 44 members of Flint Energies still out of power.

That's down from a peak of more than 10,000 who have been out since the storm on Tuesday morning. Crews are working at each of the 11 locations where the 44 outages exist, a Flint Energies news release says.

All these locations are in rural areas west of I-75. Full restoration of power is expected before dark tonight.?

Warner Robins' Unemployment Rate Unchanged in February

State Labor Commissioner Mark Butler said today that the preliminary unadjusted unemployment rate in the metro Warner Robins area remained unchanged at 7.8 percent in February, from a revised 7.8 percent in January.

The jobless rate in the metro Warner Robins area in February 2010 was 8.0 percent. 

 The area added 100 jobs in February and there were fewer layoffs in construction, retail trade, and administrative and support services.  

 Georgia’s seasonally adjusted unemployment rate for February was 10.2 percent, down one-tenth of a percentage point, from a revised 10.3 percent in January. The state’s jobless rate was also 10.3 percent in February 2010.

February marked the 41st consecutive month that Georgia has exceeded the national unemployment rate, which is currently 8.9 percent.