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For Some, Happiness Can Come in a Cup

I admit: I love coffee. Maybe you do, too. So, I thought I'd assist all of our wallets with this little piece of information/happiness.

Today, May 6, starts Happy Hour at Starbucks. 

That means from 3-5 p.m., you can get half-priced frappucinos. 

The Happy Hour is daily through May 15.

Now that is what I classify as good news. 

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Making Cold Processed Soap Part 2

Making Cold Processed Soap Part 2

In this segment Dan is measuring the oils to get ready to mix in the Lye for SOAPMAKING.  If you would like to learn more check out our next class on saturday May 7 at 10 a.m. in the Mossy Creek Soap Studio!  http://mossycreeksoap.com/item_217/Cold-Processed-Soapmaking-Classes.htm

Stay tuned tomorrow for Part 3!  And if you haven't seen part one you can see it here..  http://warnerrobins.13wmaz.com/news/arts-culture/making-cold-processed-lye-soap/50633

Or if you you haven't purchased anything for Mom yet.... I am so sure she'll love something special from the Soap Basket Collection below!  Call us or shop online... We just opened a new store at ETSY.  Check is out here  www.mossycreeksoaps.etsy.com

Program Your Weather Radio for Your County

You can customize your weather radio to receive alerts specific to your county.

The code for Houston County is: 013153.

WMAZ has teamed up with Kroger to make NOAA weather radios available for $29.99. 

You can purchase a NOAA weather radio in customer service. These radios give you the ability to pick up severe weather watches and warnings for your counties or numerous counties in the area. Each county has a SAME code, which needs to be programmed into your radio. 


Save a Cup for Earth Day, Get Free Coffee

Conserve. Get free coffee.

In honor of Earth Day today, you can bring your travel mug to Starbuck's and get a free cup of coffee.

On any day though, you can bring your travel mug or tumbler to Starbuck's and receive 10 cents off your purchase, or you can order your drink "for here" and drink out of a non-paper cup.

Starbuck's Earth Day article says that 1.2 million people participated last year. That's a lot of saved paper cups! And that's just one day.

What if we used our travel mugs every day?

Go Fish: Admission Discount

Through the month of April, the Go Fish Education Center is offering a dollar off admission for all Houston County residents.

Just show your valid driver's license.

The Go Fish Education Center is open Friday and Saturday 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. and Sunday 1-5 p.m.

Made in America

Made in America

There is a new movement happening, anything handmade and local are hot items these days. You can see this happening online at Etsy.com, your local craft shows during the holidays and your local farmers markets in spring.  Who wouldn’t want something grown or made/crafted with skilled hands from a neighbor?  I know I do! 

I know you’ve seen it.  But do you understand it? The new buzz phrase… “Made in America.”  Sounds great doesn’t it….Say out loud  “Made in America.”  

Ok.. so maybe I should have said “ Buy Local”…  Or what about “Handcrafted,” “Handmade,” and “Homemade.”  I have to ask the big question?  Do you buy local? Or just grab something from the big box stores?