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Local School Districts Oppose Bill for Guns in Schools | Schools

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Local School Districts Oppose Bill for Guns in Schools

Many agree that keeping schools safe is a top priority, but opinions differ when it comes to how to do that.

State Representative Paul Battles from Cartersville says giving firearms to administrators would help protect students.

He pre-filed a bill that would give each school district the choice to arm and train administrators.

Battles says, "No classroom teacher would be permitted, not a coach, or anyone. It has to be an administrator. After selected by the school board, they would be required to go through the same training as any other peace officer would, and that is doing all the background checks, evaluations, the carry permit, and then would have to go through the mandated peace officers' course."

Houston Superintendent Robin Hines says if legislators pass the bill, his district won't be on board.

"We're in the school system, and we run schools. Our safety plans do a really good job, and our people take it very seriously. We're fortunate where we haven't had these types of things, where, while tragic, are rare, and I don't believe that educators need to be part of the militia," says Hines.

Monroe Superintendent Anthony Pack agrees and says he would rather slowly add more officers at schools as funding becomes available, but Battles says that's not an option for all school districts.

He says, "Every system that I've talked with said 'We're strapped. We're having cuts every year.'"

However, each school district would have to pay for the guns and the training for each administrator that chooses to participate.

13WMAZ reached out to other central Georgia school districts, but Houston and Monroe were the only two that responded.


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