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High School Writing Test Scores Announced | Schools

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High School Writing Test Scores Announced
High School Writing Test Scores Announced


HOUSTON COUNTY, GA – The Houston County Board of Education recently received the Georgia High School Writing Test (GHSWT) results from the State Board of Education.  Passing this test is a requirement for high school graduation. 

The main administration of the GHSWT was given on Oct. 3, 2012.  Of Houston County’s eleventh-graders who tested for the first time, 95 percent passed the test.  The state average was also 95 percent.  Scores range from 100 to 350 with three performance levels represented: does not meet (100-199), meets (200-249) and exceeds (250-350).  A passing score is 200.

The GHSWT results are used to identify students who may need additional instruction in academic content and skills considered essential for a high school diploma.  Fall 2012 marks the sixth main administration of the GHSWT based on Georgia Performance Standards. 

The GHSWT scores are provided below for all students, both regular program and special needs, who took the test for the first time. The results are shown for the system, state and by school for 2012.


2012 – Percent Meets/Exceeds                        

System                                   95

State                                        95       

HC Career Academy            100

Houston County High        96

Northside High                    94   

Perry High                            99

Veterans High                      98                   

Warner Robins High          90


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