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Locals React to Obama's Gun Control Proposal | Politics

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Locals React to Obama's Gun Control Proposal

There are four specific points President Obama addressed that kept eyes glued to the television and local gun owners questioning his proposal on gun control.

The President proposed a renewal ban on assault weapons and universal background checks. 

"You can't blame these guns. They all sit on this rack over here, they're stupid. They're still, they're wooden. They sit there all day long until someone picks one up and goes and uses them," says Eagle Gun Range owner Hamp Dowling.

When it comes to universal background checks on all gun buyers, shooters at the Eagle Gun Range in East Macon liked the idea, but were skeptical of enforcement. 

"If you don't get it in the store, you can a get it on the streets. You go to a friend of a friend that knows somebody and say, well I'll have you one in 24 hours or I'll have one in three hours, give me $2-300," says Arthur Simmons from Macon.

When you buy a gun at the Eagle Gun Range, you have to fill out a Firearms Transaction Record. There are questions that touch on mental health, one of President Obama's points.

"Who is going to write yes I'm a crazy loon this when they're trying to buy a gun. Doesn't make sense," says Dowling as he pointed to the questions on the form.

Dowling says more emphasis on mental health is important.

"We kind of feel them out. We say is this guy nuts, is he coming in to say I've got to go buy a gun and kill people. We won't sell him a gun, we'll send him down the street, somewhere," he says.

The one issue that everyone we spoke disagreed on was President Obama's plan to renew the ban on assault weapons.

"I do sport shooting myself. People like that for target practice just for a hobby. I don't see anything wrong with that myself, but you want to keep them out of the wrong hands," says Brad Ledford from Warner Robins who came into the shop to buy a gun.

"If you've got the right papers and the right whatever you need or they want you to have, I don't see any reason why not," says Simmons.

The solution that local gun owners propose is to have more guns in the right hands to increase school safety.

"Arm more people. More guns, less crime," says Dowling.


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