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Even the ducks are sick of the rain!

Doraine says they're much happier today!

Share your "sick of the rain" photos with us by emailing whereyoulive@13wmaz.com 

Kittens Up for Adoption

Second Child Had Contact with Rabid Dog

A second child may have had contact with a rabid pit bull in Houston County. That's according to Carla Coley with the North Central Health District.

13WMAZ reported Wednesday that a brown and white dog was found on Shamrock Circle off Dunbar Road in Byron. That's a Houston County address.

It tested positive for rabies after biting a child in the face. The dog was euthanized.

Coley said Thursday, another child pet that same dog but was not bitten. The child did not come in contact with the dog's saliva, which is normally how the disease is transmitted.

The Health Department advised the parent's of the child to get advice from a doctor about whether the child needs treatment.

With rabies you don't want to take chances, Coley said.

She said, "Rabies is considered 100-percent fatal. There are a few cases where a person has survived, but once a person contracts rabies its nearly 100-percent fatal."

Pet of the Week: Meet Juice!

Pet of the Week: Meet Juice!

Meet Juice, this adorable short-haired, tabby male tabby mix.

He's already been neutered, too.

Call Animal Control at 478 929-7290 if you are interested in adoption.

Wheelchair-Bound Dog's Owners Hope He Finds New Home

It's the tale of a lost dog with two names, whose two paralyzed back legs have confined it to a two-wheeled cart.

And the story started with a simple blog on 13WMAZ's "Where You Live" community website and was followed with a Facebook post. 

In fewer than 24 hours, thousands of Central Georgians had seen and shared the story of a wheelchair-bound chihuahua who'd been found "rolling around loose in the area of Daffodil Street, off Mercer University Drive."

His name, we were told, was Princeton. 

Questions -- about Princeton, about the owners -- poured in, as did offers to adopt the little dog that could.

PHOTO OF THE DAY | Friendly Raccoon Visits

PHOTO OF THE DAY | Friendly Raccoon Visits

Our friendly neighborhood raccoon pays a visit

Submitted By Jay in Warner Robins.