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Veterans High Teacher Wins "My Favorite Teacher" Contest

Veterans High Teacher Wins "My Favorite Teacher" Contest

Veterans High School English teacher Ike Thompson won the Barnes & Noble “My Favorite Teacher” contest. 

Junior Madison Raley wrote the winning essay to nominate her teacher for this award, a Houston County Board of Education news release. 

He was chosen from 106 entries. 

Thompson and Madison were presented certificates and gifts at the Macon bookstore on April 12. 

Made in America

Made in America

There is a new movement happening, anything handmade and local are hot items these days. You can see this happening online at Etsy.com, your local craft shows during the holidays and your local farmers markets in spring.  Who wouldn’t want something grown or made/crafted with skilled hands from a neighbor?  I know I do! 

I know you’ve seen it.  But do you understand it? The new buzz phrase… “Made in America.”  Sounds great doesn’t it….Say out loud  “Made in America.”  

Ok.. so maybe I should have said “ Buy Local”…  Or what about “Handcrafted,” “Handmade,” and “Homemade.”  I have to ask the big question?  Do you buy local? Or just grab something from the big box stores? 

Congressman Austin Scott Opens New District Office in Warner Robins

Congressman Austin Scott Opens New District Office in Warner Robins

The Robins Regional Chamber of Commerce hosted a ribbon cutting ceremony to welcome Congressman Austin Scott (GA-08) to the Robins Region on Friday, April 8.

“Warner Robins is right where we feel we need to be,” said Congressman Scott.  “This district office location puts us within 10 minutes of Robins AFB, the largest employer in our district.  From here we have direct access to the base and by the same token, we are also able to offer the businesses and families that live in this area a convenient and direct link to their Representative in Congress.”

Congressman Scott’s wife, Vivien Scott was present on behalf of her husband to offer thanks for the tremendous community support.

“We are proud to be in Warner Robins and have received a lot of support from the local community,” said Vivien Scott.  “Austin and I knew that it was a great decision to have this office here.”

Mr. Northside Named

Mr. Northside Named

The annual Mr. Northside contest was held on March 24, at the Ray Horne Theatre at Northside High School.

 Christopher Maddox, a senior, was named this year’s Mr Northside, a Houston County Board of Education news release says.

Fourteen contenders competed for the title in the following categories:  interview, application, talent, informal wear and impromptu question. 

 Kyle Dzwonkowski was 1st runner up. 

Is Your Clear Soap Better For You?

Is Your Clear Soap Better For You?

At recent craft show I was asked do I carry Glycerin Soaps? And the question got me thinking about how everyone views glycerin soap.  Since I love teaching others about soap and the craft show biz~  Naturally I went into details.  My customer didn’t realize she opened Pandora’s box.  First to clarify “all handcrafted soap is Glycerin soap”, but the one she was referring to was transparent soap.  Let’s go back to the question… yes.. I carry glycerin soap and I also carry transparent soap.  You ask...what’s the difference? Let’s first define what the terms are. 

BOE to Hold Teacher Hall of Fame Ceremony

The fourth annual Houston County Teacher Hall of Fame induction is Sunday, April 17 at 2:30 p.m.

A ceremony will take place in the board meeting room, with a reception to follow in the foyer.

Former superintendent of schools Matt Arthur is the keynote speaker.

The Hall of Fame honors extraordinary classroom teachers who made a significant difference in the lives of their students.  The six teachers who will be honored this year are: 

Let Us Vote: By Sen. Brown and Staton

-Written by Senator Robert Brown and Senator Cecil Staton, Submitted by the Senate Press Office.

As the recession ends and we begin the long, hard period of re-growth, Macon and Bibb County are on the cusp of a potential new era. Many look forward to a time, as we saw in the late 1990s, where economic development projects brought people, industries and jobs to Macon. Private/public partnerships constructed shopping centers, riverside walk ways and museums. Downtown historic districts received long-needed facelifts.

It may not seem like it right now, but those days could return sooner than we might think – we just have to push them along a little.