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3D Scanner like "CSI" Technology


Juries often expect the evidence they see in a courtroom to look like what they see on TV.

Typically, prosecutors can't deliver.

But now, a 3D scanner enables police to create the CSI-type technology for juries deciding guilt or innocence.

Lead crime scene investigator for the Warner Robins police, John Lanneau, stood in the back of the classroom last week. He watched as traffic officers and other crime scene investigators learned about the new scanners.

First time in nearly a decade since WRPD had a full police officer staff.


After years of trying to recruit more officers, The Warner Robins Police Department says all police positions are full.

Police Chief Brett Evans says it's been almost a decade since they've had a full officer staff.

He believes the social media push is why, for the first time in a decade, the patrol cars will be filled with Warner Robins' finest.

"Recruits tell us when they go out job hunting or looking for a profession, they go through websites, they go through social media they see what's out there" said Evans.

The Show Goes On: Band plays despite power outage

More than 100 people turned up in Warner Robins for a country music concert, courtesy of Sky Country, a band made up of Air Force Reserve Members.

But after a tree toppled onto a power line and caused a power outage at the Museum of Aviation, the darkness couldn't stop the party.

The band was scheduled to perform outside the Museum of Aviation, but the hot weather moved the show indoors.

After the lights went out, Flint Energies crews worked to fix the problem, but the museum stayed dark for more than an hour.

Victoria Martina, her family and dozens of others decided to stick it out anyway.

"Because they're wonderful. These guys are great," said Bill Court. "They're a great band, a great uplift. They play all kinds of songs. We've watched them at Fourth of July every year since we moved here from California in 2000."

The department says they're saving money by selling surplus weapons to buy new weapons.

Warner Robins Police Department says they're saving the city money. They plan on selling surplus weapons in order to buy new weapons.


Assistant Police Chief Wagner says WRPD will be selling about 100 40mm Smith and Wesson pistols, 45 mm gap pistols, and shotguns.

Wagner says the with that money, the department plans on purchasing about 60 9mm guns.

Warner Robins man to run NYC Marathon for heart charity

A Warner Robins man is getting his heart pumping in the name of aortic health and his late father.

He sees the race as a way to prevent the heart condition, and remember a man who saw service as the blood of life.

Ealer is not a newcomer to marathons. He's run eight of them.

He's constantly training, but he could not prepare himself for his father's sudden illness.

Saturday marks the first Walk to Remember event for Central Georgia.

Saturday marks the first Walk to Remember event for Central Georgia. The walk gathers families, friends, and supporters who are remembering loved ones who passed too soon.

13WMAZ's Paula Rotondo spoke to two parents who plan to walk this Saturday, who know the feeling of loss all too well.

"You're not alone and don't try to go through it alone, let others help." That's Melva Sullivent's advice for anyone going through what she and her husband James experienced three years ago.

In March 2011, the Sullivents lost their two daughters, Bridget and Leslie, in a car accident.

Photos released of Warner Robins burglary suspects

Warner Robins police released surveillance photos Tuesday of two people at Target in Macon. They said the man and woman were using Target gift cards that were stolen in a Warner Robins burglary. Their vehicle is described as a black 2001-2004 Mitsubishi Galant.

If you recognize the pair, contact police at (478) 302-5380.