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Neighbors against possible rezoning

Some people living in one Warner Robins neighborhood are up in arms over possible rezoning that would allow contactors to develop an apartment complex.

James Dennis has lived on Wynn Place in Warner Robins for 38 years. "The favorite thing about this neighborhood is I know everybody that lives here. We see each other drive by or whatever it is, and we never fail to wave at each other," said Dennis.

Dennis loves his neighborhood the way it is and doesn't want it to change. That's why he and some of his neighbors are opposed to possible rezoning plans.

According to Warner Robins Planning and Zoning meeting documents, LRG Construction Services wants to rezone some land allowing them to develop apartments, single-family homes and town homes. They could include what's called section 221 homes, or partially HUD financed housing for moderate income families, elderly, and the disabled.

McMahon leaving 21st Century Partnership

McMahon leaving 21st Century Partnership

Robert McMahon is planning to leave the 21st Century Partnership.

That's the group that gathers support for Robins Air Force Base in Central Georgia, as well as with state and federal leaders.

According to a news release, McMahon, president and CEO, will be stepping down on May 4 to pursue another opportunity.

McMahon is a retired Air Force major general and a former commander at Robins.

His statement talks about the importance of the 21st Century Partnership, saying its work will only become more important in years to come.

McMahon has not described what he'll be doing next, but he did say he will be staying in central Georgia.

Warner Robins woman named Officer of Year


She gave up a career working in sports management to patrol the streets of Warner Robins.

Now, Officer Kristen Morgan is one of the best the department has to offer.

Morgan, after just two years on the job, was named this year's Officer of the Year.

A fellow officer nominated her for her strong work ethic. In a letter to police administration, Officer Matthew Smith wrote, "I believe that Officer Morgan exemplifies the work ethic that should be emulated by the rest of the department."

Officers receive surprise bonuses


Eighty eight Warner Robins officers got a big pat on the back in the form of a surprise bonus.

Council member Tim Thomas says officers were owed thousands of hours of holiday time.

They couldn't take all the time off, because of a lack of manpower.

Thomas says the mayor and council found a way to pay the officers for their time, and get it off the books.

That totaled $174,882.44, for 9,781.5 hours of work, according to a city payroll coordinator.

Police Chief Brett Evans said the checks were a "very big surprise to officers."

Robins MLK gate reopens Monday

Robins MLK gate reopens Monday

Robins AFB Martin Luther King Gate reopens Monday after scheduled road resurfacing.

According to a release, that gate opens for in-bound traffic from 6-8 a.m., and the outbound hours remain the same.

Warner Robins man charged with burglary

Warner Robins police have arrested a man they say stole a tool from someone's carport.

A news release from spokeswoman Tabitha Clark says officers responded to a "burglary in progress" call Wednesday morning at 10:08 in the 200 block of Peachtree Circle.

When police arrived, they saw a vehicle parked under the carport try to back out and leave. Officers were able to stop the car, and then arrested Gregernal Timothy Smith.

The 39-year-old from Warner Robins is charged with burglary and giving a fake name to law enforcement.

He was taken to the Houston County Jail where he remains without bond.

According to the jail website, Smith is also charged with deposit account fraud, contempt of court, and a magistrate court probation violation.

Horse barn destroyed in Warner Robins fire

Firefighters responded Wednesday evening to a fire at a horse barn on Carter Circle, off of Watson Boulevard in Warner Robins. No horses or people were injured and the flames were out by around 7:15 p.m.

Witnesses say the fire started around 5 p.m. and quickly spread through the property. Firefighters from three separate departments worked to put out the flames.

Rhonda Burkhart has lived in the neighborhood for decades and says she first noticed something was wrong as soon as she stepped out of her home.