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Neighbors React to Child's Disappearance

Before 10-year-old Warner Robins child Kit Colburn was found safe, his neighbors on Cathy Court described him as a sweet and outgoing child, who loves playing with other neighborhood kids.

"He'll come and play with my grandboys every day at the school," said Lesia Johnson, who lives just down the street from the Colburns. "The weekends this is where he'll be, right here playing and they'll play all day till just about dark."

Crystal Sloboda lives right across the street from the Colburns. She said that Kit plays with her four-year-old daughter and is a good friend to her.

"He came to her birthday party and he was the only boy," said Sloboda. "He's playing the little girl games with them, you know he doesn't care, he's just a good kid."

Sloboda said that she's having a hard time explaining to her younger daughter what's going on and if something bad happens to Kit.

VIDEO: Kit Colburn's Junior Journalist Audition

In Spring 2011, Kit Colburn auditioned to be a 13WMAZ Junior Journalist.

Watch the full audition in the video player above.


Colburn: Son is 'Skilled Outdoorsman, Survivalist'

Kenneth Colburn  said he's not worried about his missing 10-year-old son because he is a "skilled outdoorsman and survivalist."

Colburn told 13WMAZ's Randall Savage that he expects his son is hiding somewhere near their Warner Robins neighborhood.

He said he figures young Kit Colburn is probably getting hungry and will show up soon.

But he also said his son learned outdoor and survival skills from his family and the Boy Scouts.

Kenneth Colburn runs a local concrete company.

He said he has two children -- Kit, another son whom he declined to name and a former step-daughter who is Kit's half-sister.

He said he doesn't think Kit was abducted -- either by a stranger or a family member.



Supt.: 10-Year-Old Sent to Office for Unsigned Note

A missing Warner Robins 10-year-old left school after being sent to the principal's office due to an unsigned note to his parents.

That's according to Houston County school superintendent Robin Hines.

He said the note is called a "plan for improvement" or PFI.

That's a note sent home from school regarding some issue -- such as arriving late to school, not turning in homework or talking in class.

The note must be signed by a parent and returned to school.

He said they are "fairly common" and typically involve a "very, very minor" problem.

Hines said the PFI typically doesn't involve discipline issues.

He said Kit Colburn was sent to the principal's office from home room at 8:45 Tuesday, and that's the last time the boy was seen.

Hines said Colburn would not have attracted unusual attention when he left his classroom.

Trash Pickup Suspended During Search

Warner Robins police say garbage and trash pickup are being suspended in part of the city while crews search for a missing 10-year-old.

Spokeswoman Tabitha Pugh says that's to cut down on traffic while officers and volunteers cruise the streets around Russell Elementary School, looking for Kit Colburn.

She said there will be no trash service from Highway 247 to Houston Lake Road and Watson Blvd to Feagin Mill Road until the search is over.

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Police Ask People Near Fountain Park to Search Property

Warner Robins police are urging people who live near Fountain Park to search their properties for missing 10-year-old Kit Colburn.

That park, which is off Kimberly Road, is less than a half-mile from Russell Elementary School. That's the last place Kit Colburn was seen, around 8:45 a.m. Tuesday.

13WMAZ's Lorra Lynch Jones saw firefighters and other searchers being dispatched to Bay Gall Creek, near the park.

A tweet and Facebook message from police says: "Officials are asking anyone who lives within a 2-mile radius of Fountain Park to look in their backyards, sheds, or any other potential hiding places. Please call 911 if any suspicious activity."

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Missing Youth Last Seen at 8:45 a.m. Tuesday

Warner Robins police say missing 10-year-old Kit Colburn was last seen around 8:45 a.m. Tuesday.

That's more than 3 1/2 hours before Russell Elementary School reported him missing.

Police said at midday that they still have no leads on where Colburn is located. 

Hundreds of public safety officers, military and civilians are searching for the child today. A staging area is set up near the school in a supermarket parking lot on Russell Parkway.

13WMAZ's Lorra Lynch Jones saw firefighters and other searchers heading to Bay Gall, near Fountain Park.

School officials say video shows the child in school around 8:45 a.m. The school reported the boy missing to police at 12:19 p.m.

The school is located just north of Russell Parkway east of Kimberly Road.