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How to Help Keep Your Pipes From Freezing Tonight

Winter weather is upon us and that means homeowners beware of the freezing temperatures that can cause great damage to your pipes.

Heath Vickers at Mr., Rooter Plumbing in Macon says they receive a lot of phone calls about burst pipes.

He says taking the proper precautions can help save you a huge repair bill.

Vickers outlines some tips homeowners can take:

- Insulate or wrap towels around your faucets and exposed pipes.

-Open cabinet doors to allow heat to circulate and keep pipes warm.

- Secure windows, crawl spaces and basement doors.

- Remove garden hoses from outdoor faucets.

- Keep faucets running at a constant drip or trickle.

Vickers says its good to know where your water shut-off valve is located in your home.  Knowing where your valve is located can help you if your pipes freeze and burst.

To safely thaw your pipes if they burst, homeowners should:

Central Georgians Flock to Gym for New Year's Resolutions

For those of you watching your waistline in the new year, you may want to take a close look at the fine print before you buy that gym membership.

Tracey Eubanks at The Edge fitness in Warner Robins says new members spike 50-percent after New Years Day.

That increase drops off around March, said Eubanks.

Here's a few tips to keep you from having gym resolution regrets from the Georgia Governor's Office of Consumer Protection.

It suggests asking for a trial period of two weeks or more before you sign a contract to make sure the equipment, classes or child care facilities meet your needs.

Join on a month-to-month basis if possible. With a long term contract, if the gym unexpectedly closes, you will most likely lose your money.

If you do sign a contract, make sure you know the steps you would need to take to cancel it.

Get Answers: Recycling Your Christmas Tree

Lauren wrote to 13WMAZ asking, "We had a real tree this year. Where is the tree recycling location in Warner Robins and when does it start?"

Debra Jones with Keep Warner Robins Beautiful say they will be holding a Tree Round-Up Saturday, January 7.

When the holiday season comes to an end, Debra Jones says she's left unwrapping the centerpiece of Christmas traditions, the tree.

She says Keep Warner Robins Beautiful started the program in 1991, and they've chipped several hundred trees every year since.

"People are already dropping off their trees," Jones says, "we'll see this until about mid-January around the 15th is when people finally get everything done."

Jones says people can drop their trees anytime near the water tower on Maple Street, but come January 7, volunteers plan to fill the area to lend a hand and chip hundreds of trees.

13 Days of Giving

We spotlighted 13 local causes during our 13 Days of Giving. See their stories here.

Drive Sober App Helps People Find Safe Ride Home

The Governor's Office of Highway Safety is taking extra steps during the holidays to ensure the safety of motorist by keeping  impaired drivers off the road.

Officers are cracking down on drunk drivers with the help of Georgia's annual Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over campaign.

According to the Office of Highway Safety, the number of drunk driving fatalities dropped by 11 percent in 2010 and they hope to keep those numbers down.

A smartphone free application called Drive Sober Georgia helps drunk drivers find a safe drive home with just a touch of a button.

"The app allows a person to find a free ride in the state of Georgia without worrying about running into law enforcement, said Sgt. Phillip Pritchett with the Centerville Police Department.

The Drive Sober of Get Pulled Over campaign runs from December sixteenth to January the second.

New Council Members in Warner Robins Sworn In

The new year brings some changes in the leadership of Warner Robins.

Three new faces will serve on city council, and Thursday all three joined in to pray for blessings in 2012.

With hands raised and heads bowed, Warner Robins city leaders came together with community members and ministers for the second annual prayer service.

"A lot of people said this was the turning point in our city last year, when we had this prayer vigil last year," said Mayor Chuck Shaheen.

They asked for guidance in the new year and that blessings would come to the International City.

The new year comes with three new city council members who all joined hands at the prayer service.

"I think we've got some good new council members," said Council member elect Carolyn Robbins. "We've got some good older council members and we've got a mayor that's definitely dedicated to the city."

Warner Robins Store Clerk Robbed at Gunpoint

Two men robbed a Warner Robins convenience store clerk at gunpoint Thursday night.

Police spokeswoman Tabitha Pugh says two men walked into the Stop and Shop at 748 North Houston Road and threatened the clerk with a gun. They left the scene with cash. She says no one was injured.

Pugh says police continue to investigate the case. If you have any information you can call 478-929-1169.