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New DUI test to be phased in by 2015

By December 2015, every law enforcement agency in the state of Georgia must switch to a new type of Breathalyzer. That's according to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

Houston County Sheriff's office already got a head start. This new machine makes the process much more interactive.

"You can see on this one is the breath going in it," said Lieutenant Bradley Stone.

That's just one of the new features that come with the Intoxilyzer 9000, and the name isn't the only cool thing about it. The device comes with touch LCD screen.

Stone thinks the new device is much easier to use than the old one.

"This machine doesn't keep anything internally, no results or anything like that," said Stone. Instead, he has to manually log the results. but with this new device, technology does the work.

Students earn GED and technical certificate at once

Administrators at Central Georgia Technical College have created a dual-enrollment program that allows students to earn their GED while also earning a technical certificate during the same semester.

"Now I'm kind of living paycheck to paycheck. I'm struggling. It's hard. I had to move back in with my parents. That kind of thing."

For Yasemin Cekil, going back to school means more than getting and education, but rather getting a fresh start in life. She came to Central Georgia Technical College just to get a GED, but now she aspires to do more.

"When I start my AO program, I'll be doing welding, and I'll get my diploma in welding," says Cekil.

She will be able to do all of this without a financial burden.

Disability doesn't stop new author


David Mouton from Warner Robins could have given up, but he didn't.

He could have been discouraged by his severe physical disabilities, but instead he says, those disabilities encouraged him to pursue his dreams.

31-year-old Mouton was born with cerebral palsy.

He was always a go-getter, graduating from Houston County High School in 2001 with honors.

Mouton attended college and tried to get a job, but because of his physical limitations, could not find a good fit.

Warner Robins man accused of murdering child


A Warner Robins man is in jail for the murder of a his 11-month-old son, according to the Houston County Juvenile Investigation Division.

They say Charles Michael Taylor, age 26, was arrested last Thursday for the murder of Peyton Taylor. He's now in the Houston County jail, charged with murder and aggravated battery.

Peyton Taylor has been dead for about 8 months. According to the incident report from December 14th, Charles Taylor took his son to the Houston Medical Center with severe head injuries.

Taylor then told investigators he dropped his son on a tile floor.

Museum of Aviation holds 29th auction and raffle

The Museum of Aviation held it's 29th annual Auction, Raffle and Taste of Local Cuisine. Thousands attended the event on Saturday. People could bid on everything from Disney vacations to flat screen TVs. There were even items for the kids to enjoy like bike's and toys.

People were also able to sample food from 33 restaurants in Georgia. Volunteer Margaret Cox says this event is important for the community.

"To show our appreciation for our military and to help make sure the memory of our military carries on long after we're gone," says Cox.

Over 1,200 tickets were sold for the event, but one person won a raffle for $30,000 or their choice of one of the six cars on display.

Houston Co. Sheriff's Office investigates fatal motorcycle accident

Houston County Sheriff's Office is investigating a motorcycle accident where the driver left the road and hit a tunnel on Heritage Drive.

The accident happened at 5:32 Friday afternoon, when 55-year-old Ronald Reitz of Centerville was traveling south on Heritage Road.

He was transported to the Houston Medical Center with severe injuries, but was later pronounced dead from those injuries. If you have any information on this accident, please call Deputy Paul Cumpton at (478) 542-2080.

Warner Robins Water Park in progress

He built Rigby's Entertainment Complex on Highway 96 in Warner Robins and opened it last May.

Now, Steve Rigby is $300,000 into the process of building a water park. He says he started planning eight months ago, as soon as Rigby's opened.

Rigby said, "If you want to do something in this area, you have to drive two hours to have some fun. This is going to be a one-stop-shop."

He intends to open the 25-acre park in Warner Robins during the summer of 2016. It will sit on land he already owns, adjacent to Rigby's Entertainment Complex.

A road stretching from Highway 96 to Cohen Walker Drive is currently under construction, and will provide better access to the property. Rigby says the infrastructure to support the park, such as water and sewer lines, are already in place.