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Top 5 Intersections for Accidents in Warner Robins | News

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Top 5 Intersections for Accidents in Warner Robins

Warner Robins drivers might want to beware.

Police statistics show you are most likely to get into an accident at one of five intersections.

Monday, David Hughner watched the controlled chaos from his work at Raffield Tire on Russell Parkway.

He said, "Last week, I saw a fender bender right here in front of the store."

Hughner says the intersection of Moody Road and Russell Parkway stays constantly congested with cars coming to and from Robins Air Force Base.

He said, "From about 7 to 8:30 avoid it. From 3:30 to 5:30, avoid it."

There's good reason he says that, according to police.

Warner Robins police statistics show the most accidents in the city last year happened from people traveling on Moody where it meets Russell. There were 28 of them, mostly from folks following too closely.

The second most collision ridden spot is going the other way, where people driving on Russell Parkway cross Moody Road. There were 26 crashes there. Again, most happened for the same reason.

Warner Robins police say the accidents at the intersections are more likely to happen on particular days. Moody at Russell on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, and Russell at Moody on Mondays.

Three more intersections rounded out the top five for the most crashes. They were Russell Parkway at Houston Lake Road with 22 accidents, Watson Boulevard at Carl Vinson Parkway also with 22 crashes, and Russell Parkway at Kimberly Road with 21 accidents. Again, the main factor was following to closely, plus distracted driving.

None of the accidents at the top five collision spots caused drivers serious injury, although there were 6 traffic accident deaths in the city last year. That's down from 11 the previous year.

Hughner said, "It's just an accident waiting to happen you know?"

He said there's bound to be more crashes outside his shop, but a plan by the city to adjust the signals on Russell may help. It's underway now, scheduled for completion in a few months.

City Engineer Walter Gray says the retiming project on Russell Parkway will adjust the traffic light timing from Wellborn Road to Houston Lake Road. He says that will likely speed up the time it takes to get through the intersections, making drivers less impatient and possibly reducing the potential for accidents.

There's also money set aside in current Houston County SPLOST for the resurfacing of Moody Road.


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