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Cantrell Works with Major Leagues on Body Kinetics | News

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Cantrell Works with Major Leagues on Body Kinetics

You've seen 'It Starts with the Heart' Coach Mike Cantrell appear on the air giving you tips to stay in shape and get heart-healthy.

Now the exercise guy is getting national attention on a practice he's adopted at his physical therapy office.

It's called 'postural restoration.' It fixes problems you may have by changing your body mechanics, which includes the way you walk, sit, or even open a door.

Cantrell just got back from chatting with Major League Soccer physical therapists, and he's also worked with other professional teams.

Physical therapist Mike Cantrell spent a good bit of 2012 on a plane flying across the country.

"The Diamondbacks, the Blue Jays, the Yankees, and the Cubs," Cantrell rattled off.

Cantrell stacked up a resume of big sports teams that want to hear him talk about postural restoration.

Two-time Olympic sprinter Derrick Atkins drives to Warner Robins every three weeks or so from Atlanta to go through some training that involves repetitive trips down the hall as opposed to laps on a track.

This is all about feeling muscles that you may not use everyday. Atkins attests to the fact that this isn't an easy skill to pick up.

"It's very difficult at times, and sometimes, you get frustrated," Atkins admitted.

It's not a new program. Cantrell says physical therapists across the country know about body mechanics, but this is about taking that to the next level.

"If a patient has hip pain, I'm going to say that has to do with the inability to move your pelvis, and I have a rib cage on top of that pelvis that must move, and I have a head and a neck on that rib cage, and I've got arms that hang off that rib cage that must move, Cantrell explained. I want to address every level of those components."

Atkins hopes the work will propel him into a third Olympic appearance.

He made it to the semifinals in London, but his goal is to one day grab a medal.

"The sport has evolved to the point that every minor detail is so intricate in what you do," Atkins said. "It comes to the point you have to be very in tune with yourself."

Both men figure world-class sprinters and weekend warriors will one day gain from a deeper study of human kinetics.

"I feel sooner or later the rest of the world will catch up to what we're doing now," Atkins said with a smile.

"I will be all over the map this year teaching the same stuff," Cantrell said.

There are peer journal reports on postural restoration. That means doctors have reviewed the techniques and written about how they've effectively used it with their patients.


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