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Warner Robins to Annex 16 Houston Co. Properties | News

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Warner Robins to Annex 16 Houston Co. Properties

Warner Robins City Council voted to annex several properties into the city Monday night.

The properties are in the county, share a border with Warner Robins and tap into the city's sewers.

Several residents came to the meeting to fight annexation. It's the same fight many of them battled last year.

"There's nothing changed in the last year and so I just don't feel like it's fair for a citizen to have to come to city hall every year, every six months and fight the same fight," says councilman Mike Davis.

Davis voted against annexation, even though technically council has the authority to make the properties join the city, because the residents signed an agreement when they registered for city utility service.

"We had the right to annex them, but it just didn't feel right to me and when I ran I said that I was going to do what was right," says Davis.

But councilwoman Carolyn Robbins did not agree. 

"We have a right to ask the people to come into the city because they do have our sewer or any other service that they may have with the city."

Robbins says she voted for annexation because it's her obligation to the citizens of Warner Robins. 

"I was voted in as a city of Warner Robins council person to protect the taxpayers of this city."

She says taxpayers in the city paid to have the central sewer line installed, and those outside of the city limits only paid to connect to it.

In the end, council cut five properties from the list of 21 proposed.

"They were the people that were here last year that were told they would not be annexed," explained Davis.

Robbins says, "I did not like it, so I didn't vote for it because I think everybody should have been on the list, everybody that was on that list should have been annexed."

Council voted to annex 16 of the 21 properties on the list.


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