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Former Houston DA Starts Concealed Gun Facebook Page | News

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Former Houston DA Starts Concealed Gun Facebook Page

Kelly Burke, a former Houston County District Attorney has gone from prosecuting crimes, to fighting for something he says might better prevent them from happening.

Burke created a Facebook group called "Houston County Carries Concealed," and gathered around $800 for three digital billboards in Warner Robins.  

One sign features an elderly woman with a handgun that reads: "I carry concealed weapon because I can't carry a cop."  

Burke says the goal is to inform citizens of concealed carry laws and encourage them to get armed for self-defense.

"It's to send a message to folks who think that coming to Houston County is a good idea to commit a crime, and making sure they understand when you come to Houston County you might run into somebody who is better armed than you," Burke says.

Bill Waldorf, a gun salesman at Tony's Pawn Shop in Warner Robins says getting a concealed permit is easier than people think. 

"A lot of people don't do it because they're afraid they're going to be turned down or that it's a complicated process, but actually you just go to the probate court in the county you live in."

But some Warner Robins shoppers were concerned about concealed weapons, which are allowed in public, including shopping centers, unless a businessowner specifically says otherwise. 

"When you're out in public and you're shopping with your family, especially around the holidays, you have kids with you. There's no reason for you to be carrying a gun. For what? What are you trying to protect yourself from?" Ebony Dyson of Perry asks.


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