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Carmen Collins Pleads Not Guilty | News

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Carmen Collins Pleads Not Guilty

Carmen Collins, the 17-year-old who faces charges of arson and murder of her 12-year-old sister India, pled not guilty Wednesday. Collins' defense attorney said he thinks there is evidence of others' involvement. 

"I feel confident with the defense, and it would be inappropriate for me to name names," said Nick White, Collins' defense attorney,  "But it's fair to say that we think others were involved, and we think that will exonerate my client."

Judge Katherine Lumsden presided over the arraignment where District Attorney George Hartwig read the charges against Collins.

Collins stood next to her attorney and pled not guilty to those charges. In court, Collins' family stood behind her saying "We love you Kaneisha" and "it'll be okay," as she was escorted outside of the courtroom. 

Both sides say they believe they have a strong case when it all goes to trial. 

"We are going to do everything we can, as we do on every case, to present the evidence in court to the best of our ability, so we'll do our talking in the courtroom," said District Attorney George Hartwig. 

No trial date has been set for this case. 


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