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Boy Scout 'Perversion Files' Detail Central Ga. Cases | News

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Boy Scout 'Perversion Files' Detail Central Ga. Cases

The Boy Scouts call them the "perversion files" -- and they describe thousands of alleged molestation cases nationwide.

They include at least nine cases in Central Georgia, dating back as far as 1965.

By a judge's order, the Boy Scouts of America released thousands of files on molestation complaints against their volunteers.

They describe the complaints and show how the Scouts responded.

Oregon lawyers who are suing the national Boy Scout group say those cases were often ignored and swept under the rug.
The Scouts say they've tightened up their policies in recent years and that their top priority nowadays is protecting the kids.

They released thousands of files Thursday. Many were quickly posted to the Web by the Oregon law firm that sued to get them or by media outlets like the Los Angeles Times.

Those cases include several in Central Georgia.

Six in Warner Robins
Two in Centerville
and one in Hawkinsville.

Details are not available on all of those cases.

But one file posted online describes a 1973 case where a Warner Robins Scoutmaster was accused of molestation.
A letter from the local Scouts council to national Boy Scouts officials says the Houston County sheriff's department invesigated the man.
But there's no word on whether he was ever prosecuted.

The letter says the scoutmaster "will not deny the charges but also will not say if they are true."

He was removed as Scoutmaster, but said "He will be moving to Mobile, Alabama soon and will try to get back into Scouting in that area."

The national scout group says they'd keep his information on file, in case he ever applied again.

Another series of letters goes back to 1965, concerning two Scoutmasters with two different troops.

One was facing criminal charges after reportedly admitting molesting a minor.

The other, an airman, was removed as scoutmaster after Robins Air Force Base contacted local officials.

Again, the national scout organization asked for more information and said they would keep the two men on file.

But there's no word on any further followup, or whether the second Scoutmaster was ever prosecuted.


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