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Warner Robins to Induct Seven to the Hall of Fame | News

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Warner Robins to Induct Seven to the Hall of Fame

You've heard about the Baseball Hall of Fame, The Georgia Sports Hall of Fame and many others, but how about the Warner Robins Hall of Fame?

The inaugural induction ceremony takes place Saturday night, to honor those who helped lay the city's foundation.

88-year-old Henrietta McIntyre is one of the hall's first inductees.

She came to Warner Robins, or Wellston as it was called then, in 1944.

McIntyre said, "It was horrible to tell you the truth, but it didn't take you long to fall in love with it, because everybody was from somewhere else."

She said people called the town "Dog Patch" back then, saying, "That's what all the little airmen over there called it, Dog Patch."

McIntyre took a job at the Wellston Depot, which became Robins Air Force Base. She said, "Everbody you talked to on the base said, 'As soon as this war is over, I'm getting out of here'."

McIntyre stayed.

She said, "I thought you know, this town has got to get better if I'm going to stay here, and I started getting involved."

Plaques decorating her walls commemorating 21 years on city council and a stint as Warner Robins' only female mayor.

Council appointed her when a jail sentence forced the acting mayor out of office in the mid 90's.

It's that service Hall of Fame Chairwoman Yvonne Elliott says prompted her board to select McIntyre and 6 others for the inaugural class.

Elliott said, "We just had some great, great leaders who went about forming our city."

That includes Pearl Stephens, a teacher committed to educating black children before integration. Judge Nick Lazaros who set up the state's magistrate courts. Superintendent David Perdue, who is credited with developing the county's school system. Frank Ryals, who founded the Happy Hour Service Center, Businessman Charles Williams and the city's first fire chief, Ernest Wood.

McIntyre said, "I feel very humbled they chose me."

McIntyre, Wood and Ryals are the only three living inductees.

The first Hall of Fame Banquet is Saturday night at the Marriott Courtyard in Warner Robins. Former Governor Sonny Perdue is the keynote speaker, and the event is sold out, with 216 people planning to attend.

Elliott says the committee plans to add five people to the Warner Robins Hall of Fame each year. They do not have a permanent place to display the names of the inductees, but plan to honor them at the old Train Depot until they find a spot.


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