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Kroger Food Stamp Story Gains National Attention | News

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Kroger Food Stamp Story Gains National Attention

Cindy Nerger, the Warner Robins woman who says a Kroger manager humiliated her for using food stamps, is in the hospital Thursday.

She told 13WMAZ's Austin Lewis she is being treated with peritonitis, which is the inflamed thin tissue of the abdomen.

Her story has gained national attention since we first reported it on Saturday.  Nerger told 13WMAZ that last Tuesday she and some employees argued over whether her deli meat was covered by food stamps.

She says that the manager insulted her: "Well excuse me that I work for a living and don't rely on food stamps like you."

Nerger said that she can't work because she does 12 hours of dialysis a day. She doesn't have kidneys and is waiting for a transplant. 

Nerger said that she was surprised that her story gained national attention. She said that both the Huffington Post and ABC News New York did interviews and published articles about her story. 

One man who read that article is David Doyle from Martinsville, Virginia. He said after he knew after seeing it, that he had to help Nerger.

"When I used to live in Florida I had a very good friend of mine that I worked with and she had children as well and my friend was on dialysis and actually wound up losing their life because they couldn't find a kidney transplant donor for them. And it was just I can't see anybody else you know go through that loss," said Doyle. 

We gave Doyle's number to Nerger and she called him. He said she was grateful when he told her that he wanted to give her his kidney. 

"She was, you know, ecstatic she was very appreciative you know couldn't believe that somebody she never met was willing to help her," said Nerger. 

Doyle and Nerger were not a match but he is still able to help her through a partnership program at the hospital. 

"(Since) Cindy needs a kidney, I am not a match for Cindy, and if you were on the donor registry for someone you are not a match for and you matched Cindy, Cindy's kidney and I match your friend's kidney my kidney would go to your friend and your kidney went to Cindy," said Doyle about the partnership program. 

Several people have also contacted 13WMAZ to donate money to the Nergers.

You can follow Austin Lewis on Twitter @austin13wmaz


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