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Lightning Strike Sets Two Fires to the Same House | News

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Lightning Strike Sets Two Fires to the Same House

A lightning strike on Tuesday set fire to the attic of a Warner Robins home. Firefighters successfully put out the flames, but three days later, the house caught fire again. This time it was a total loss.

What used to be a three-story house is now covered in ash. Lightning struck the Campbell's home in Hatcher Estates Tuesday evening, but the family thought they got off lucky.

"I said, honey I think that was pretty close," says Marvin Campbell.

The flames from the lightning strike were confined to the attic. "So we went up to the attic and the attic was on fire. We called 9-1-1. Within minutes they came out here and put it out," he says.

The Campbells moved into a hotel. Three days later, the house caught fire again.

"I turned the corner on the main street there and I noticed my home was up in flames. All I could do was cry," says Stephanie Campbell. 

"Each day we've been coming back to the house and I didn't really notice anything. I mean it was hot, but I thought it was because it was hot outside," says Marvin.

Warner Robins Assistant Fire Chief Randy Davis says the lightning strike damaged wires which likely reignited flames.

"It just seems like a dream, surreal. It didn't seam real at all and it still don't," says Stephanie.

"You hear a person gets struck by lightning, a house gets struck by lightning but you never think it's going to be you. I had no idea lightning can cause such damages," says Marvin. 

The Campbells were not able to salvage any belongings in the fire. They have own another house and will move into that one by next week.


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