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Kathleen Murder Suspect Withdraws Bond Request | News

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Kathleen Murder Suspect Withdraws Bond Request

A scheduled Thursday-morning bond hearing for a 17-year-old murder suspect was cancelled because her public defender withdrew his bond request.

The hearing for Carmen Kaneisha Collins was scheduled for 9 a.m. in Houston County Superior Court.

She is the Kathleen girl accused of killing her younger sister on July 3.

Collins allegedly shot her 12-year-old sister, India, multiple times, then set the family's Addington Drive house on fire. She is charged with murder and arson.

The Public Defender's office who's representing Carmen chose to cancel their bond hearing.

Nick White says he believes his client is innocent and they're trying to figure out where she'll live if granted bond.

"I think it's better for my client that she not be put in an atmosphere that emotionally charged," he said in reference to her moving back in with her parents. "We got some leads on some homes she can go to that her family does not live and is outside the county, but it's just taking a little while to firm that up and I want to be able to go in to court and say,  'Your honor if you grant bond she can go to this specific place."

White says he's spoken to Carmen's parents who he says are drowning with emotions after the death of one daughter while the other stands accused.

"What they expressed to me is that they want full justice for their dead daughter and they want the best defense possible for Ms. Colllins which is a very appropriate way to look at the case," said White.

"They are grieving over their lost daughter and they are grieving over a daughter that's in jail. They have not expressed any hatred or anger toward my client,  toward their daughter."

Earlier this week, White told 13WMAZ this week: "I can't discuss the defense side of the case other than to say this: The truth of this case will be truly shocking and will completely exonerate Ms. Collins."

White says there's still a lot more that needs investigating in this case and he says some of the details that come out could be quote "explosive."

He told 13WMAZ that Carmen insists that she did not kill her sister, and he says there has been no discussion of a plea in this case.


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