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Conrad Nix Takes on New Career | News

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Conrad Nix Takes on New Career

On Football Friday Nights, players, parents and coaches file into stadiums across Central Georgia.

Conrad Nix spent 42 years prowling the sidelines and guided his Northside Eagles to two State Championships in '06 and '07.
He retired a couple of years ago, but as you can imagine, a guy with that kind of experience can't just walk away from the game.

And that's why you will find the retiree still wearing the headphones that he used to sport on Friday nights.

But nowadays he's switched roles, swapping out his coaching duties for a gig inside a radio broadcast booth with Sportsmic.com. Conrad says he loves this side of the game because it was hard to walk away from the sport he loves. 

"I don't go to football practice a lot to be honest when I go back I miss it and I want to get involved this is a way I can watch be involved and talk with coaches," Conrad said.

But talking Houston County sports is just a tiny part of his 20 hour a week job. He's a party planner. 

"No I asked for 2 sandwich trays and a chicken tray for tomorrow," he directed in a phone call.

Conrad's also a cleaning crew wiping off interview chairs before each show. "Not unlike being a football coach,' he joked.

Nix says he wants every team in his area to do well. But after two state titles and over four decades wearing blue and orange, well you can guess who he roots for.

"Ohh I do favor Northside, everybody knows I do," Conrad admitted.

And everyone also knows that Conrad's spending his retirement doing what he loves and reinventing himself in the sports world.

"I want Warner Robins, Northside, HOCO and the other city schools to be successful and I want to give them as much media coverage as possible because that's important," Conrad said.
"And I want it to be good, as good as any place like Atlanta or whatever." 

Conrad does the pre-game show for Sportsmic.com. On Thursday nights you can catch the coaches show at O'Charleys on Watson Boulevard or tune in on the radio at 102.5 FM.

They've concentrated on football this fall but Conrad says they plan to broadcast high school basketball games this winter.


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