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WRALL's Name Game: A Tale of Four Logans | News

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WRALL's Name Game: A Tale of Four Logans

There is a unique situation on the Southeast team, and the ESPN analysts have had some fun. You might call it the name game!

Coach Buddy Deal likes to gather the guys up in a huddle to talk to them before practices.
"We're fixing to run the gauntlet, we're fixin to have three games in four days. We're going to throw some of you guys who haven't thrown," he said.

In this instance,l  Deal is talking about Logan Williams taking a turn at pitching.
But make no mistake, Deal has to be very descriptive when he's talking about Logans.

"We have got Finkster which is Logan Fink," Deal began explaining. "We've got L.A. which is Logan Arnett and we have LoMo which is Logan Morris and we have Lolo which is Logan Williams."

Four Logans landed on this All-Star team, which makes for an interesting scenario everytime the coaches make a call.

"It's tough if you say 'Logan, I need you over here,' you've got four of them, it's like herding cattle," Deal said with a smile.

Its not easy for a Little Leaguer named Logan either.

"It's pretty funny, we all go over there to the bench and then we have to run back," Logan Morris said.

" Somebody will say 'hey Logan, nice play,' and we'll be like which one," Logan Arnett said.

"I've only had two Logans on a team and that was me and Logan Arnett during the regular season with the Red Sox," Logan Fink chimed in.

And if you think the coaches and players have frustrations imagine anyone who meets this team.
The kids say it took a minute for the Japanese players to digest it all.

"They'll see one Logan then see another Logan and be like Ohh two Logans, then four Logans, pretty funny, Logan Williams said.

Coach Deal recalls a confusing situation at the State Tournament.  " I went to the umpire and said I'm going to swap Logan Williams for Logan Fink and I gave him the numbers and that kind of stuff and I said so you got Logan in the eight hole and he goes yea I had Logan in the eight hole... no I"m putting Logan in the eight hole and he looked up at me and said what's the number and I said okay."

If four Logans aren't enough, let's talk about the letter "J". They've also got a Jake, a Jacob and a Jordan on this team.


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