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Friend of Warner Robins' shooting victim haunted by killing | News

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Friend of Warner Robins' shooting victim haunted by killing



Three best friends headed to a party together last weekend in Warner Robins, as they've done many times before.

But on Saturday, only two made it out alive.

"I'm grabbing him, telling him to get up and stuff. The dude's telling me he's dead, you know. It don't feel real."

It's a nightmare Donte Rumph, 21, says he's been living for days, ever since his best friend was shot to death at a party early Saturday morning.

"It still hurts, no matter how many times you cry," Rumph said.

Police say Jarvis Rouse, 20, died of a single shot to the head after a brief argument with another man.

"I heard shooting but I thought it was a firecracker or something. I saw people running and I thought, they're not running that much from a firecracker."

Rumph was only scanning for one face in that crowd.

"Everybody running away from danger and I'm running toward it, trying to figure out where my friend at," he said.

But what he found inside is still haunting him.

"Having to go back and see him lying there in all that other stuff, I seen that and I'm scared to sleep sometimes."

Authorities say the accused killer, Cheikh "Chucky" Gwingue, turned himself in to New York City police Tuesday morning, four days after fleeing the shooting in Houston County.

"How do you feel knowing you killed somebody's best friend? Somebody's child?" Rumph asked.

Though pained, he's choosing compassion, something he says he knows Rouse would have wanted.

"I don't wish nothing bad to happen to him. At the end of the day, he's somebody's son too. But he took my bro, my best friend," he said.

It's an inseparable tie since they met as neighbors in the fifth grade, a bond he says not even death can break.

"When you go through so much together, you become family. You're not even friends no more, you're like brothers," he said.

Rumph says the pair didn't know Gwingue and that they were getting ready to leave the party when the shooting happened.

Houston County authorities are working to extradite Gwingue from New York City.

On Sunday, they arrested Brandon Ra'Shoud Howard, who's in jail for allegedly driving Gwingue out of the county.

Howard is charged with one count of hindering the apprehension or punishment of a criminal.

Rouse's funeral will be on Saturday at 2 p.m. at Faulks Chapel Baptist Church on Georgia 96 in Jeffersonville.

His friends and family have set up a GoFundMe account to pay for expenses related to the funeral. So far, they've raised $80 out of $4,000.

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