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Crematory Open in Warner Robins | News

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Crematory Open in Warner Robins


Last spring, a funeral home and crematory caused a lot of controversy in a Warner Robins neighborhood.

Many didn't want it near their backyards.

Now, that business is open.

Some people in the Rosehill subdivision, near Highway 41 and Russell Parkway, say they're finally at peace with the property behind their neighborhood.

Rosehill homeowner for eight years, Deborah Rogers, always gets along with the neighbors.

But when she first peered over the fence at her newest one, she wasn't so sure about the relationship.

Rogers said, "It hit us kind of hard at first. I asked, 'Why would they do this?'"

The Burpee-Scott Memorial Chapel started building. Then, came the news of crematory inside.

Rogers' next-door neighbor led the charge to stop it, but to no avail.

Funeral Director Jody Scott opened the crematory and funeral home for business last week.

Talking about the crematory, he said, "It's all done in the confines of this building. It's not detached."

He says worries about thick smoke or a smell are unfounded, based on numerous studies and state regulations.

Scott says blowers inside the crematory circulate smoke through two chambers, burning most all of it off, before anything's released through the smoke stack on top of the building.

He said, "There can be just a light film that you can hardly tell. It's more vapor than anything."

Scott has invited all of the interested neighbors in for a tour and an education on dealing with the deceased.

He said, "There's absolutely no danger to anyone's health."

He says many neighbors tell him that the look of the new building and learning about the process of cremation, has put their minds at peace.

Rogers says she studied state regulations to double-check the process.

She and her husband now feel the funeral home will be a good neighbor. Rogers said, "Better than something that could have been built back there."

Rogers says it looks like a large house, from her backyard. She can clearly see the crematory's chimney, which some might deem a little creepy.

Rogers said, "I believe in spirits, so it doesn't bother me."

The funeral home and Rogers' house are located on opposite side's of the fence, but when it comes to being good neighbors, both are now standing on the same side.

The Rosehill homeowner who led protests outside the funeral home last year, moved away from the area.

One neighbor did say he's still concerned about the funeral home's impact on his home's resale value.

There's an open house at the Burpee-Scott Memorial Chapel this Sunday at 4 p.m. for those who want to see it for themselves.

It's located at 2932 Highway 41 north in Warner Robins.


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