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Air Force veteran wins home giveaway | News

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Air Force veteran wins home giveaway

Myrna Segy won the home on Kensington Circle through a giveaway Bank of America and Nehemiah Corporation hosted.

To apply, Central Georgia veterans wrote essays about their time in service and how getting the house would help their family.

Segy joined the Air Force in 2001 at age 18 and worked in security forces.

"When 9/11 occured, I was actually chosen to give security to the president when he came to our base in Louisiana. After that I got sent to Turkey," Segy said.

Segy was also deployed to Iraq.

She left the military in 2004 due to illness.

"I developed Lupus and Rheumatoid arthritis and I've been dealing with PTSD," she said, "I worked in the armory on an international base so, you're on call all the time. I obviously couldn't respond as well, so I had to leave the military."

After she left , she finished her bachelor's degree, met her husband, and had her son.

Segy became a bilingual advocate for sexual assault victims, and tutors students learning Spanish.

Her family's old home was broken into just two weeks ago.

She says while owning the home is exciting, having a safe place for her son to grow is the real reward.

"Just the fact that I can give my son a home and something he can rely on, if something were to happen to me, I mean I have that safety, " she said.

Bank of America donated money to the Nehemiah Community Reinvestment Fund, who renovated the house in Warner Robins.

Realtor Blair Myers got the word out about the giveaway.


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