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Former Northside High School teacher's estate sale | News

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Former Northside High School teacher's estate sale

For 50 years, Ray Horne gave his all to the drama department at Northside High School in Warner Robins. Now months after his death, the beloved teacher is still giving. 13WMAZ's Paula Rotondo went to the sale for Horne's estate today, and found many who came out to take home a memory of Mr. Horne.

"The house all the furnishings, are for sale," says Danny Peterman. Peterman was a close friend of Horne's and is now helping in the process of selling his estate.

He says, "If you like clowns, if you like angels, if you like antiques he has it. The house is just filled from 50 years of just enjoying Northside High School."

Peterman says this was something Horne wanted, saying, "He knew when the time had come that he was no longer with us, he wanted to sell this stuff and let proceeds go to establish a scholarship program at Northside High School."

Horne passed away in January at the age of 77. He taught at Northside for 50 years and worked as a speech and drama teacher bringing many awards back to the school.

Peterman says, "If every student that he ever taught came and gave me $5, we'd have a tremendous scholarship program."

Former student Margaret Yohe told me she took speech class from Horne, and says he always made it interesting. She says speech class wasn't the only place she ran into Horne.

"I played basketball, I was a basketball player, and he followed us all through, and he was just always there, you know, giving us encouragement and everything," she says.

Yohe says there's one thing for sure, saying, "Everyone loved him for his craft and caring for the school so much."

Matthew Arthur was one of the principals during Horne's tenure and says Horne had more energy than anyone he'd ever met. He says he wasn't surprised at all that Horne arranged this sale.

He says, "Well, that's typical Ray, I think. He always wanted to give back, and this is a way that he would do that."

Fellow teacher Russ Winge taught for 20 years at Northside and shared his favorite memory of Horne.

"Meeting him at the front office, he would always have some kind of a remark to make as you came in or some kind of a joke, he was just a jovial individual," he said.

He says he came to the sale to get something to remember him by, saying, "My wife uses these in the front room, and it's nice to have one at Christmas time and we can remember I got it from here, from him."

Peterman says people just want to know Horne's story, and after they hear it, he says, "They want to take a memento of his life with them, and so I think that's the exciting part about it ."

The estate sale continues tomorrow, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. The address is 223 Atrium Court, Warner Robins, GA 31088.


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