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Warner Robins Farmers Market still growing after 5 Years | News

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Warner Robins Farmers Market still growing after 5 Years

A Warner Robins woman wanted some fresh, locally grown fruits and vegetables.

Instead of planting her own, she grew an entire farmer's market from the ground, up.

Jodi Daley, the woman at the root of the International City Farmers Market, talked about five years of success.

Daley doesn't consider herself a farmer, but she planted the seed that sprouted into rows of tents. Each tent sports a cornucopia of locally grown products.

Daley said, "When I moved here, I was looking for local food."

Finding Warner Robins barren of a farmers market, yet surrounding by farms, she did some digging.

She said, "I started making phone calls. I'm starting a farmers market. Are you interested?"

Daley harvested about five vendors that first year. She said, "We tried to get the word out on a very tiny budget."

She says five years ago, if 100 people showed up to the market to shop, she celebrated. Now, on any given Thursday, about 1,200 people come out.

Daley said, "People love it. It's a way to support our local growers, to see your neighbor. It enhances community spirit."

It ripens the culture of the city, says organic scent-seller, adds Ayanna Freeman.

Freeman said, "There are people making their own jewelry. A man makes beautiful bird houses over there. I love fresh produce."

Shopper Laura Squarito says the market made uprooting her family from South Dakota easier to swallow.

Squarito said, "It's all local farmers, and you know where your food is coming from."

Its popularity pushed the market from a seasonal sale to an event that pops up each Thursday, most every week of the year.

Daley said, "We could easily hold two or three markets in this area."

She is already cultivating plans to get other Central Georgia cities growing on the right path.

The International City Farmers Market is open from 1 p.m. until dusk every Thursday.

It's located on Watson Boulevard, next to the city recreation department.

They accept cash and EBT cards.


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