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New look for Pearl Stephens Elementary | News

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New look for Pearl Stephens Elementary


Students at Pearl Stephens Elementary stepped into what looks like a brand new school, but it's now in the old Linwood Elementary building..

"I am so glad that you came to our school," said Principal Brantley over the school's intercom.

Thursday morning's announcements were mostly about encouragement, but much of the day was about learning, both for students and teachers.

"Brand new school, new kids. Although this is my thirteenth year, I feel like it's my first year teaching," said third grade teacher Sheree Dudley.

She got her students acquainted with the new buildings and also the new rules.

"In the hallway we're going to be what? Warriors!" said Dudley as she held a sheet with instructions on how to behave in the hallways.

Part of the reconstruction includes brand new hands free sinks, but the convenience isn't the only benefit. With the location of where it's built, it allows teachers to monitor students and make sure they're washing their hands right from the hallway.

"When they're in, you know we would have to peep around and see, but now if I stand right here I can see that they are indeed washing their hands," said Dudley.

This makeover can hopefully help in designing the best students. That's what Principal Amanda Brantley wants. With the school only serving third through fifth graders, she says it will be a better environment.

"You're able to spend and have more of a narrow focus," says Principal Brantley.

The students, on the other hand, are more impressed by the remodeled building.

"I like it how it's so big, like it didn't look like my old school. And the gym is so big the cafeteria is so different," said student Kailey Reyes.

Principal Brantley said the reconstruction cost around $9 million.


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