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Students earn GED and technical certificate at once | News

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Students earn GED and technical certificate at once

Administrators at Central Georgia Technical College have created a dual-enrollment program that allows students to earn their GED while also earning a technical certificate during the same semester.

"Now I'm kind of living paycheck to paycheck. I'm struggling. It's hard. I had to move back in with my parents. That kind of thing."

For Yasemin Cekil, going back to school means more than getting and education, but rather getting a fresh start in life. She came to Central Georgia Technical College just to get a GED, but now she aspires to do more.

"When I start my AO program, I'll be doing welding, and I'll get my diploma in welding," says Cekil.

She will be able to do all of this without a financial burden.

"The cost for the students is their commitment and their willingness to do the hard work," says founder of the program Brenda Brown. She says because of a $100,000 grant, the program is cost-free.

With the college having a 96% job placement rate, most students can find themselves walking out of the college, and straight to a job. Still, Brown says enrollment is low with about 40 students registered this semester.

"They should be beating down the doors," said Brown.

She believes people simply aren't aware of the program. But those who are like Cekil say it's impossible to resist.

"You can't argue with that when they are like, 'Here, you do it and we'll pay it for you,'" says Cekil.

Brenda Brown says the college can help students with childcare and transportation. Students can get a certificate in one semester or an associates degree in 2 years. Certificates include Welding, Early Childhood Education, Criminal Justice, or Microsoft Word.

If you're interested, the college says fall registration is still open.


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