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Disability doesn't stop new author | News

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Disability doesn't stop new author


David Mouton from Warner Robins could have given up, but he didn't.

He could have been discouraged by his severe physical disabilities, but instead he says, those disabilities encouraged him to pursue his dreams.

31-year-old Mouton was born with cerebral palsy.

He was always a go-getter, graduating from Houston County High School in 2001 with honors.

Mouton attended college and tried to get a job, but because of his physical limitations, could not find a good fit.

He said, "I prayed to God that he would open a door for me. He allowed me to go to schools and read to kids. I enjoyed it."

That experience gave him the inspiration to start writing children's books.

He began typing for long hours each day on his home computer.

Typing wasn't easy or quick. Mouton only has the use of one thumb. He said with a smile, "My left thumb. It's pretty easy."

In the past nine years, Mouton plucked out 92 books on his keyboard.

In June, he got the first one illustrated and published. It's called, "Bob's New Car."

Mouton said, "It's about sharing, and it's about making friends and enjoying the friends. Some of the friends are disabled and in a wheelchair. He has all kinds of friends in wheelchairs and walkers."

He says his family encouraged him to pursue his dreams of becoming an author. Mouton plans to publish his other books. He wants to use the proceeds to buy his parents a new house, that's more handicap accessible.

Asked why he works so hard, spending nearly eight hours a day writing, Mouton said, "I felt I could contribute to society by doing something.

"Bob's New Car" is for sale on Amazon and published under Mouton's full name, David John Lee Mouton. It's a paperback edition.

It can also be purchased by contacting Mouton directly at davidjohnleemouton@yahoo.com.


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