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Base officials move C-130 down Hwy 247 | News

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Base officials move C-130 down Hwy 247


Sections of Highway 247 in Warner Robins were temporarily blocked Thursday morning.

Robins Air Force Base officials moved a C-130 airplane and the stretch of road in front of the base was blocked until about 10:30 a.m.

The aircraft was moved to Warrior Air Base, where it will be used for training.


"This is really unique because, how many people get to say they moved a C-130 down Highway 247?," says Master Sergeant Michael Reid.

With the help of the Houston County Sheriff's office, moving the aircraft was a success.

"It's been several weeks. It takes several phone calls getting everybody on board. it's a pretty large joint mission between the air force base and the sheriff's office" says Corporal Justin Hall of the Houston County Sheriff's office.

Reid runs aircraft battle damage repair at the Warner Robins air force base. He says moving this plane on a main road is only part of the reason this mission is special.


"Also, we took all the spare parts off this aircraft and stored them to where they can be used on other aircraft. So that's another almost $6.3 million worth of parts," says Reid.

He says the plane's body will be used for training. Instead of buying a new plane, his team can train on this one for the next 15-20 years.


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