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12 Central Georgians honored as heroes | News

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12 Central Georgians honored as heroes

Jason Patrick is a hero, but he doesn't like to think of himself that way.

"My Facebook blew up. All my friends were calling me thanking me, and it's actually....I mean I didn't want to come to this," Patrick said outside of the American Red Cross "Hometown Heroes" celebration. "My friend said 'No, you need to come be recognized.' To me, it's embarrassing. I'm just a guy. I'm just a roofer," says Patrick.

His modesty didn't keep the Red Cross from recognizing Patrick for his disaster relief efforts.

In February, he was traveling to Bonaire from Atlanta during a snow storm that left the city in gridlock, and thousands stranded in their cars for hours.

"It was very hectic. A lot of people were stuck. Didn't really know how to drive in the snow so I had to push a bunch of cars," says Patrick.

He was trying to get his own car unstuck when he got a call from a friend.

"Hey you're in Atlanta. There's a "Snowed Out Atlanta" Facebook page, and so I started reading some of the stories that were on that and people would bump the most pressing ones to the top," Patrick said.

The top post was from a man 11 miles away.

"I checked his location," Patrick said. "He'd been eight hours without his heart medicine."

Patrick drove an hour to help him and another stranded woman who was just weeks away from a delivery of her own, a baby boy.

They're stops Patrick says he's glad he made, with or without an award, because it's thanks from those he helped that he says really matter.

He says, "I'm just a guy who could help and did."

There were 12 American Red Cross Hometown Heroes:

SrA Skyler Bustle

Animal Advocate Hero

Jason Patrick

Disaster Relief Hero

Christine Watson

Community Impact Hero

David Gowan

Emergency Response Hero

Macon/Bibb Fire Department
Station 104/Shift 2

Fire Rescue Hero

Sister Elizabeth Greim

Good Samaritan Hero

Robbie White

Good Samaritan Hero

Chuck Hester

Guardian Angel Hero

SSgt Melissa Erwin

Military Hero

Kelsey Hall

Kody Lucas Paving the Way Youth Hero

Morgan Carr

Kody Lucas Paving the Way Youth Hero

Jennifer Horn

Kody Lucas Paving the Way Youth Hero


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