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Roadshow highlights alternative fuels in Georgia | News

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Roadshow highlights alternative fuels in Georgia


The Museum of Aviation in Warner Robins was the first stop on the 4th annual Alternative Fueled Vehicles Roadshow.

The tour highlights ways to implement alternatives to gas, such as electric, propane, ethanol and biodiesel.

Commissioner Tim Echols says Georgia is becoming a leader in solar energy, and in electric cars. In additional to a federal tax credit of $7,500 for purchasing an electric car, Georgians can get an additional $5,000 in state tax credits.

Atlanta has become the second largest market for the Nissan Leaf, behind only San Francisco, which could largely be due to the tax incentive.

At Five Star Nissan, they've been selling anywhere to 2 to 4 Leafs a month, compared to past years when they would stay on the lot.

Last December, Five Star sold around 20 Leafs, as many tried to get the tax credit before the end of the year.

Commissioner Echols says the tax incentive could be going away next legislative session. "A number of members of the legislature leadership feel like it's been here too long, it's too rich, we've sparked the market, and now we need to phase it out," Echols says.

The Leaf can travel around 80 miles on a single charge.


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