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Warner Robins family wants changes after kennel attack | News

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Warner Robins family wants changes after kennel attack


A Warner Robins couple wants a kennel to make some changes after their dog was fatally attacked by other dogs while in the kennel's care.

The Cuppett family headed out of town to celebrate their first wedding anniversary, and left their dog in the care of a kennel in town. They never would have predicted it would be the last time they'd ever see their Lab, Roscoe.

"He had the bluest eyes, he really was an angel, he followed my side he was my baby." says Kylie Cuppett.

Michael Cuppett gave his wife, Kylie, Roscoe as a wedding present just over a year ago.

"He made our house a home and he was a great dog," explained Kylie.

Two weeks ago, the couple left to celebrate their first wedding anniversary, and brought Roscoe to a kennel to be boarded for the first time while they were gone.
After visiting Noah's Bark in Warner Robins several times, they were confident about leaving him in their care.

"He was there for three days, he was happy playing around and having a good time. Wednesday night we got a call that he was involved in an incident," remembered Michael.

Noah's Bark owner, Elissa McCaskill explains how Roscoe was attacked. "He jumped this fence and went over that way," she said. "My son was there probably in about fifteen seconds, but there were about seven dogs that jumped on him."

Mr. Cuppett said, "By the time he got to the vet he had an estimated three hundred bites."

He said they were in touch with the veterinarian, and at first it looked like Roscoe was going to recover.

Then things took a turn for the worse. "We got the phone call that he didn't make it, and the next morning we drove eleven hours straight without even stopping just to get back," said Mr. Cuppett.

Mrs. Cuppett says , "That's the last thing you think about is coming home and not bringing your dog back home."

Now the family wants the kennel to make some changes so others don't feel the same loss.

"If our dog can jump, any dog can jump if they really want to," Mrs. Cuppett said.

"We tried to make everything as right as we could, I mean it was a freak accident they didn't know he could climb over a fence, we didn't know he could climb a fence," McCaskill told 13WMAZ.

McCaskill said they're paying for all of Roscoe's vet bills, covered the cost to cremate the dog, and have offered to purchase a new four legged friend for the Cuppetts when they're ready.

She said they're going to make the fences higher and hire more staff members. "We're going to do everything we can to make it safer. The best we can do is learn from it and make sure that it doesn't ever happen again to anybody, because they're our babies and we love them."

And the Cuppetts have some advice for other pet owners. "Just make sure you meet everyone there, you know all the moving parts and any risk that's involved whenever you take your dog somewhere," said Michael Cuppett.

Kylie added, "Life is short for everybody and you just never know."

Elissa McCaskill said the kennel has never experienced anything like the attack on Roscoe before.


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