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Contractors working to fix collapsed ceiling | News

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Contractors working to fix collapsed ceiling

It's been four days since a ceiling collapsed and injured a man at the TJ Calhoun Homes in Warner Robins. Contractors began work Monday afternoon around 4 P.M.

Workers began by cutting out the wet sheet rock, then they patched it and sanded it. Finally, they measured a new layer of sheet rock and placed it over the hole.

Dale Taylor at Out of the Park painting said "We'll paint the whole ceiling and you'll never be able to tell anything happened".

Some residents are worried the buildings in the community are not safe and want the City of Warner Robins to inspect them, but Director of Warner Robins Building and Transportation Bill Mulkey says "What happened over there is a maintenance issue that the housing authority takes care of on their own. We don't get involved on that part because they do a good job on their maintenance".

He says it's not uncommon for homes to have air conditioning units in ceilings.

"For residents, they need to be observant and see if they notice a wet spot in the ceiling and go ahead and call it in because there's an issue with the condensate line," says Mulkey.

The ceiling caved in last week Thursday. Water from a leaky air conditioning unit caused the ceiling to sag and eventually collapse.


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