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Housing Authority responds to collapsed ceiling | News

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Housing Authority responds to collapsed ceiling

Warner Robins Housing Authority says they are tending to the ceiling that collapsed Thursday afternoon at the T.J. Calhoun Homes.

"If we are notified, we will follow the guidelines and get it fixed within 24 hrs. That's what HUD tells us to do, that's what we do," says Director of Development Oscar Mason.

The patched up ceiling is just a temporary solution for the collapsed ceiling that injured Wayne Brundridge Thursday afternoon, but residents here want to know why the Warner Robins Housing Authority is taking so long to permanently close the hole.

"The hole cannot be closed up until the surrounding area has a chance to air dry, and then the contractor will go in and patch the hole, seal it, and paint it," says Mason.

The housing authority says by Monday, repairs of the hole should be complete. Mason says they are waiting until then, so they don't run into other problems.

"Make sure that the new sheet rock and paint will adhere to the surface and also to make sure we don't create another situation with mold and mildew," says Mason.

Although the ceiling caved in because of a leaky air conditioning unit, Mason says he's still pleased with the units and is trying to work around the problems.

In order to stop that leak, maintenance workers hooked a tube to the AC unit in the attic, and extended it down one side of the building to drain some of that water out. This way, they don't have the problem of a ceiling collapsing again.

"It will not affect the family at all. The air conditioner is working, and it's safe. There is no danger with the hole," says Mason.

Brundridge doesn't understand how that applies to his situation.

"It was danger when the ceiling fell down and hit me in my head. That was dangerous. So what does that mean, there's no danger," says Brundridge. He says he won't feel safe in his home until workers fix the problems.

The family says they called at 10 A.M. complaining about a problem with the ceiling. Three hours later, the ceiling collapsed. Mason says they never received that call. He advises tenants to contact project managers as soon as they notice any problems in their homes.


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