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Clark defeats Talton for house district 147 seat | News

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Clark defeats Talton for house district 147 seat

Software developer Heath Clark defeated ten-year veteran of the state legislature Willie Talton for the state house district 147 seat by just over 200 votes.

Clark's team anxiously waited for the numbers to come in at Meldino's pizzeria in Centerville. Slowly the precincts reported the results, and around midnight the winner was announced.

Clark says he thinks his integrity in the race pushed him to the finish line first, because he chose not to make known that his opponent Willie Talton owes Houston County about $38,000 in property taxes on several rental properties an issue during his campaign.

"When people found out that there was that story about the debt, and I never brought it up. I even had people on my door steps tell me you need to do this, and I refused to do that. I think people saw a man that wasn't going to run someone through the mud, but was going to stand on his own two feet."

Clark's opponent, Willie Talton couldn't be reached for comment.


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