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5 looking to fill Houston School Board Post 7 Spot | News

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5 looking to fill Houston School Board Post 7 Spot

"I am the candidate with the most experience." says Tannya Duncan.

Andy Rodriguez says, "Experience matters, but more experience matters more."

"I'm the most qualified one that's been in the school system for over thirty-eight years." says Robbin Jackson.

"I feel like I can be an outside voice of reason." states Bryan Upshaw.

Doug Wechsler says, "The economy is our main factor here."

Five candidates vying for the Post 7 seat on the Houston County Board of Education.

Three have children in the school system. Duncan, Upshaw and Wechsler all say they would have an inside perspective and be able to relate to other parents, if elected.

Meet Tannya Duncan, a retired educator with over thirty years of time spent in the public school system. For the last ten years she was an assistant principal at Lake Joy Primary School. "I still fee like I have something to offer, and I want to continue to give back to the community." She says, " I'm a team player, although i'm an independent thinker, but I know how to work well with people."

She says she wishes the board was more approachable. "People need to know that you hear them." says Duncan.

Next on the ballot, Air Force veteran, Andy Rodriguez. "I have a lot to offer the school system, and I've already been doing it." says Rodriguez. He teaches a junior Master Gardening program in the community and says he's in tune with the board already, because he's only missed two meetings in ten years.

"When people say I'm a product of the system, I've been here in the system, I work in the system. I got it, but I have no tunnel vision my vision is out there I have that global perspective." explains Rodriguez.

Also running for post seven, independent contractor, Bryan Upshaw. He's not a teacher, but says he can bring an outside view to the seat. "I'm not an educator and I don't pretend to have that knowledge, however I feel like I can give a business perspective, and you know a fresh look with a fresh set of eyes and an open mind." says Upshaw.

He says he attended school in Houston County and wants to give back to the district that's given him so much. "Houston County has excelled, and I just want to be a part of that excellence." says Upshaw.

Next on the ballot, Robbin Jackson. He's a graduate of Fort Valley State. Jackson has been a substitute teacher and paraprofessional for thirty-eight years in the county. He says he'd love to serve as a full time teacher, but has never been hired by the district. He says if elected he'd like to see a more diverse teaching staff.

"It can be improved as far as getting more blacks into the teaching positions, like myself who is qualified for those positions." says Jackson.

He says he also would like the district to fix up the older schools, instead of building new ones.

Doug Wechsler, an accountant and Chief Financial Officer at Southside Baptist Church, wants to fill the post seven seat too.

"With my skills in budgetary and finance I think it fits perfectly to ensure that we're following policies and procedures when it comes to executing those dollars." says Wechsler.

He's worked in finance for twenty-six year at Robins Air Force Base and would like to incorporate more technology in the schools like replacing books with tablets.

You can choose which candidate you want to fill the post seven seat on Houston County School Board on Tuesday, May 20th.


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