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A look inside a 911 dispatch center | News

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A look inside a 911 dispatch center

Each year, during the second week in April, we take time to honor the men and women who serve as 911 dispatchers. They're the first ones you call in an emergency and 13WMAZ's Jennifer Moulliet went to Houston County to get a glimpse at how they respond to your calls.

"Houston County 911 where is your emergency?" Amanda Field answers a call.

"We work a total of twelve hours a day from 5:15 in the morning to 5:30 in the afternoon," says Sergeant Mike Kluge.

Field says , "It's a lot of dedication and long hours and holidays." It's Amanda Field's eighth year working at the Houston County 911 center.

She says, "People that are having medical emergencies, you're their life line."

Although they get about a thousand calls a day, she remembers a call seven years ago from a woman who had just lost her husband. It's one she says she'll never forget. "She had just lost her life long partner and there was nothing I could do to console her. All I could keep telling her was we have help coming, there's somebody on the way. It's just heart wrenching. "

She says some calls weigh heavy, but they lean on each other for support.

Field says for every bad call, there's a good one too.

"Getting phone calls from people who are locked in their closet, because they've had somebody come through their front door and they're the only ones home. To stay on the phone with them and to know the guy that came through that front door is in custody, and that person can go home safe at night. That's the most rewarding thing."

She says they trade the stress and the pressure, for the reward and the outcome.

"There's not a more fulfilling job that's out there at all."

Sergeant Kluge estimates they respond to approximately one thousand calls a day. Field says of those calls, the most common complaint is , "I locked my keys in my car."

They'll usually send out an officer to help the caller get back on the road.


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