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Burglaries are widespread in Warner Robins | News

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Burglaries are widespread in Warner Robins

Many people who live in Warner Robins say they regularly worry about their homes being broken into.

Between February 5th and March 5th of this year the city had 81 burglaries.

Michelle Miller says she's still trying to shake her feelings of nervousness more than a month after her Warner Robins home was broken into.

Someone stole more than $8,000 dollars worth of electronics including every TV in her home, 2 laptops,and game systems along with a number of personal items, including clothes wall-hangings and pictures, even the comforter off of Miller's bed.

Her 15-year-old son discovered the burglary when he got home.

"He told me 'Mom, we got robbed. We got robbed,' and he had to keep telling me because it just wasn't registering," Miller said.

And she's not alone. Between February 5th to March 5th, police say, there were an average of two burglaries a day in the city.

"There was a break-in in the back of the neighborhood," Miller said. "There was a break-in the same neighborhood as a lady that I know, and then also when I went to the police department to take a look and see if anything belonged to me there was another gentlemen in there looking for a burglary report for his home as well."

And Miller says that's a good thing because the more people that know she believes the quicker someone will be punished for stealing her belongings and peace of mind.

"I think that's probably the worst part of it all," she said. "You can replace material things, but when you go home that's the place where you're supposed to feel safe and secure and we don't have that anymore."

The Warner Robins Police Department is still investigating Miller's case.

So far, no arrests have been made, and there's no evidence of a connection between all the February cases, since they seem to be in spread-out areas.

But spokeswoman Tabitha Clark says each one is being thoroughly investigated.


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