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Warner Robins man defends flying Nazi flag | News

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Warner Robins man defends flying Nazi flag

A man in Warner Robins flies many flags in his yard, but one prompted a viewer in Central Georgia to call 13WMAZ.

Gil Switzer flies a Nazi flag out of the back of his home, but he says he isn't racist or anti-Semitic. He says he flies the flag because he feels America is under a dictatorship under President Obama.

He says he collects flags: one from Obama's 2008 campaign, one with the star and crescent of Islam, and another with the hammer and sickle of Communism. He says the Nazi flag has been up for two weeks, but he rotates his flags regularly. Switzer says the flag simply represents his political views.

Even though it is his views, one neighbor, Heather Williams, says it's not a good idea to fly the Nazi flag in a neighborhood where a diverse population lives. Switzer says he also displays the American flag and a flag with a Christian message.


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