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$100 million for JSTARS in budget | News

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$100 million for JSTARS in budget
$100 million for JSTARS in budget


The Department of Defense released their full 2015 budget Tuesday, highlighting some potentially good news for Robins Air Force Base.

The Air Force budget director said they want to put $100 million toward modernizing the JSTARS fleet.

The JSTARS, or Joint Surveillance and Target Attack Radar System program, operate out of Robins and the 116th Air Control Wing.

The modified Boeing 707 aircrafts provide ground surveillance in deployed locations.

Air Force leaders said Tuesday they want to keep the program going and develop a new aircraft for the operation. It's likely to built around a smaller business jet.

21st Century Partnership CEO Bob McMahon said it's a positive move for the J-STARS program, and he believes the Air Force wants to keep their mission at Robins.

McMahon said, "We had a chance to be in Washington last week. We talked to a number of senior leaders within the Air Force and the Department of Defense. All of them said they are very proud of what the JSTARS mission is, what it is, and that it's being accomplished very successfully from Robins Air Force Base in Middle Georgia, and there's no reason to believe it should be moving anywhere."

McMahon said it's not clear if the Air Force plans to retire some of the Boeing 707 fleet, as it develops a replacement.

As with the rest of the 2015 budget, the proposal will have to be approved by Congress.


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