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New air conditioner unit for Warner Robins city hall | News

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New air conditioner unit for Warner Robins city hall


You may not quite feel the need for one right now, but it's something members of Warner Robins' council say is a long time coming anew air conditioning unit in City Hall. The current one is over 25 years old.

13WMAZ's Jennifer Moulliet explains the city's plan for a new one.

"We've got the motor here and the other motor." explains building officer, Bill Mulkey.

One step inside the building, there's not mistaking the loud buzzing sound for the air conditioner unit. It serves Warner Robins' city hall and the city's civic center.

"One part of the unit is completely down and the other part is almost down so we really don't have a choice." says Council woman Carolyn Robbins.

She says the current unit is as old as city hall, which was built in the 70s.

"These are around twenty to twenty four years old." Mulkey points out the fans. He says they need to upgrade.

"That one motor is on it's last leg if it goes out we've got no air conditioner at all." says Mulkey.

He says the "year before it went out for a couple of days and we had to close city hall."

That's why city council voted to use over $600,000 from the Special Local Option Sales Tax to buy a new unit.

"I think its now appropriate that we go ahead and get us an air conditioning and heating unit that will work for the city." says Robbins.

She says the city has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars repairing it and even with the repairs, they still can't cool the civic center and city hall at the same time. But Mulkey says with a new system.they'll have no problems cooling both simultaneously.

"We're going to get up to date with a more modern efficient water cooled chiller."

The current unit is powered by natural gas and he says he hopes getting rid of the old system will get rid of the loud buzzing sound.

Mulkey expects the installation process to take about fourteen weeks and hopes to have the new unit up and running by mid-May.


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